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Someone Made A Zelda-Version Of Bloodborne Called Yarntown

There's a new indie game on the market that will have Bloodborne fans excited as you're getting a retro game called Yarntown. The game was created by indie developer Max Mraz who used the Solarus engine to make the game. You'll hear this a lot when it comes to describing it, but there is no better way to say it: This is what would happen if someone had made Bloodborne using the engine for the top-down version of The Legend Of Zelda. You can see that Marz went to great lengths to make this game be a sort of love-letter to one genre while being an awesome retro version of another title. Everything about this will make you smile with joy as everything you would expect from the AAA title has been thrown into a 2D plane of existence for you to walk around and try to beat the challenges you once knew in a different experience.

You thought Bloodborne was hard? Try it in 2D with Yarntown. Courtesy of Max Mraz.
You thought Bloodborne was hard? Try it in 2D with Yarntown. Courtesy of Max Mraz.

The game puts you as the Hunter in the middle of the Hunter's Dream area, which will lead you to the first area to explore which is Central Yharnam. Or as it's known here, Yarntown. You have the standard melee attack, as well as a charged attack and a pistol fire (which is kinda weak sauce). You can still do dodge rolls, but they take away from your stamina. The game has pretty much every battle from this part of the game, which includes the PS4 exclusive Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne battles. You can check out these screenshots, as well as a video from Alpha Beta gamer below showing it off. If you'd like to play it you can download the game from the link above.

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