Summoners War: Sky Arena Releases Two New Monsters

Com2Us revealed today that they have released two new powerful monsters into Summoners War: Sky Arena for you to battle. The two new monsters are Onimusha and Onmyouji, both from Japanese folklore as you'll face off against both of them in different ways. Onimusha is a powerful unit that fights with the special power of yin and yang. meanwhile, Onmyouji wields a deadly sharp blade. With their additions comes an update where you'll be able to participate in a special in-game event that starts March 8th and runs through May. You can read more about the events below.

How will you fare against Onimusha and Onmyouji? Courtesy of Com2Us.
How will you fare against Onimusha and Onmyouji? Courtesy of Com2Us.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – Event 1

Get [Mystical Scroll x1] whenever you collect 10 points! Other various rewards and a scroll that summons a new Monster (Onimusha) will be available.

For every 10pts collected: Mystical Scroll x1 (Up to 10 times), 20pts: Mana Stone x200,000, 40pts: Energy x100, 60pts: 4★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x2, 80pts: Crystal x100, 100pts: Event Exclusive! ★New Monster [Onimusha Scroll]★

– [Onimusha Scroll] summons a random attribute of Fire, Water or Wind.

– [New Monster Scroll] will be sent to the Inbox, and you can use the scroll at the Summonhenge by tapping the [Collect] Button.

Summoners War: Sky Arena – Event 2

Upgrade the new Monster Onmyouji or Onimusha! The upgrade mission applies to both two new Monsters, so upgrade the new Monsters through this event and get rewards!

Upgrade Mission: Enter battle with new Monster 10 times: Mana Stone x200,000. Enter battle with new Monster 30 times: Energy x100. Enter battle with new Monster 50 times: 5★ Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) x1. Evovle the new Monster to 6★ once: Crystal x150

  • Upgrade Mission will count when you use the new Monster Onmyouji or Onimusha.
  • Enter battle with new Monster – missions will count according to the no. of battles entered, not the no. of Monsters used, and World Arena (Goodwill Battle) won't count.

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