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The Walking Dead: All-Stars Is Coming To Mobile Devices
Com2uS and Skybound Entertainment announced they have a new mobile title on the way with The Walking Dead: All-Stars As you may have guessed from the name of this one, you will be thrown into the world of the comics as you will embark on a brand new storyline within the post-apocalyptic undead universe[...]
Auto Draft
Com2uS has released a fresh new update for Chromatic Souls: AFK Raid as they have given the game an upgrade or two, especially on a world boss The four-player adventure battle title will have you fighting toward a new goal after defeating a number of monsters as you'll be able to take on one large[...]
Idle Luca Officially Launches On Mobile Devices
Com2uS announced this week that they have officially released their new mobile game Idle Luca for both iOS and Android devices Along with their subsidiary NovaCore, this is an all-new indie RPG that will have you exploring a vast mythical realm filled with dungeons and challenging towers as you attempt to become some of the[...]
Kritika Global Receives First Major "Siege War" Update
Com2uS has dropped a brand new update for Kritika Global as this one adds a ton of content to the game, including the new Siege War This is a brand new competitive guild feature that ushers in a multiplayer mode where guilds battle to occupy a castle's territory throughout a weekend Succeeding in this mode[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Adds New Monster Battle In Latest Update
Com2uS has added a new update to Summoners War: Sky Arena, which comes with a brand new monster battle with the Battle Angel The character is no slouch as they are here to slice up whatever is put in front of them with little waste in time, making them one of the more formidable opponents[...]
Com2uS Announces Next Phase MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate
Com2uS revealed this morning that they will be taking one of their titles to a new level as they announced MLB Perfect Inning: Ultimate In a partnership with Gong Games, this is made to be an overall improvement on the original series as you'll be getting all of the action of a simulated baseball title[...]
MLB 9 Innings GM
Com2uS is celebrating the launch of MLB 9 Innings GM with a special in-game event that celebrates the real MLB's Opening Day As it has been in the past, the game does its best to mimic the regular season with stats and rosters from every team, including their schedule and how things play out throughout the year[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Celebrates Its Eighth Anniversary
Com2uS has announced its plans to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Summoners War: Sky Arena, including several events for the next couple of weeks You're getting at least three events to take part in including a new Nat 5 Monster Summon Event, Infinite Coin Shop Event, and a Friend Gift Event You'll also be able[...]
Out Of The Park Baseball 23 Will Release On April 22nd
Com2uS and OOTP Developments showed off all of the new additions they have included in this game, as you're getting some cool improvements over the previous incarnations Including a new stats system that gives you accurate numbers for everything you're doing, a new club management system, upgraded online leagues, better help for first-time players, and[...]
Out Of The Park Baseball 23 Will Release On April 22nd
Com2uS announced this morning that their latest version of Out Of The Park Baseball 23 is now available for pre-order on PC and mobile The game will officially launch on April 22nd, 2022, and will have all of the previous game's features with some bonuses to them First, you'll have the current MLB roster for[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Receives A Global Release Date
Com2uS has revealed their plans to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Summoners War: Lost Centuria, including a new monster The celebration will be happening in sections, so to speak, as new stuff will be rolling out for the next few weeks for you to jump into in the game As we speak, you can now[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Has A Season 19 Legend Tournament Winner
Com2uS revealed this week that they have officially brought their most popular game, Summoners War: Sky Arena, over to Facebook Gaming The team didn't really elaborate a ton on the move or even did anything to mark the occasion, which is a little odd since they never do anything quiet when it comes to the[...]
Com2uS Launches New Real-Time Tactical Game Poker Tower Defense
Com2uS has launched a brand new game this week as they have a real-time tactical tower defense game called Poker Tower Defense The game has a bit of a unique spin to it as you'll be building up your tower based on the resources available to you through games of poker, so everything you acquire[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Has A Season 19 Legend Tournament Winner
Com2uS recently held their Summoners War: Sky Arena Season 19 Legend Tournament, and crowned a brand new champion The event took place back on December 18th in an online-only capacity as they brought the best of the best players together for the "World Arena", marking the first competition since the 2021 Summoners War Championship (SWC)[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Launches Season 8
Com2uS has released a brand new update into Summoners War: Lost Centuria today as they have officially launched Season 8 into the game The big additions to Season 8 include the new Water Hero Monster, Mu Shu, and a brand new Co-Op Battle Mode in which you can rally together with other players to help[...]