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Summoners War: Sky Arena Has A Season 19 Legend Tournament Winner
Com2uS recently held their Summoners War: Sky Arena Season 19 Legend Tournament, and crowned a brand new champion The event took place back on December 18th in an online-only capacity as they brought the best of the best players together for the "World Arena", marking the first competition since the 2021 Summoners War Championship (SWC)[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Launches Season 8
Com2uS has released a brand new update into Summoners War: Lost Centuria today as they have officially launched Season 8 into the game The big additions to Season 8 include the new Water Hero Monster, Mu Shu, and a brand new Co-Op Battle Mode in which you can rally together with other players to help[...]
Interview: Justin Jordan Chats Summoners War: Legacy Comic Book
Would you like to win a free copy of Summoners War Legacy released by Image Comics? All you need is a Twitter account The game's publisher Com2uS is currently holding court at New York Comic Con this weekend showing off a ton of stuff related to the franchise, including the new comic book They've given[...]
Summoners War Announces Return To New York Comic Con
Com2uS announced this morning they will be bringing Summoners War back to New York Comic Con for 2021 with a number of featured items From October 7th-10th, they will be at the event giving away several items, as well as giving fans a chance to score some exclusives at the con such as t-shirts, statues,[...]
Summoners War World Arena Championship Americas Cup Starts Sunday
Com2uS has announced the full plans for the Summoners War World Arena Championship Americas Cup 2021, which kicks off on Sunday This is basically one of the big tournaments that we'd normally see in person if the world wasn't in a state of chaos from the pandemic, but they're going to do their best to[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Releases Two New Monsters
Com2uS released a new update into Summoners War: Sky Arena this week as we got two new bosses for players to take on The two additions come as part of the 6.3.6 update that adds in a number of new options Those two monsters are Robo and Sky Surfer, each of them having its own[...]
Com2uS Announces First Summoners War: Lost Centuria Esports Event
Com2uS has officially announced its first online esports event for Summoners War: Lost Centuria with the World Showdown happening tomorrow It's been a minute since we've seen some proper esports action from the series as the pandemic put a hold on a lot of plans and forced what few games they wanted to hold to[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Reveals Seventh Anniversary Milestones
Com2uS has released details today about the events they have planned for the Summoners War: Sky Arena Seventh Anniversary milestones This time around, players will be getting 100 gifts and various rewards added to their accounts, as well as launching a special in-game charity event to save endangered marine life through the Korea green Foundation[...]
Com2uS Reveals Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021 Plans
Com2uS revealed plans this week for not one but two major events, including the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021 While it wasn't made clear as to whether or not the tournaments will eventually culminate into in-person competitions, it's pretty clear that most of these will be taking place online as they ramp up to[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Receives A Global Release Date
Com2uS revealed today they have launched the second season of Summoners War: Lost Centuria with a ton of new content to explore The game will be getting a brand new PvP mode called World Tournament, as well as a special event mode dubbed Brawl Battle You're also getting two new powerful Monsters added with Seara[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Gets A New "Mage" Monster
Com2uS revealed a brand new "Mage" Magician Monster that has been added to Summoners War: Sky Arena this week The new addition comes in as part of the mobile RPG's seven-year anniversary, in which they released a brand-new update to the game The spellbinding Monster "Mage" is one that will keep you constantly fighting to[...]
Summoners War Legacy #1 Review: Pretty Effective
Summoners War: Legacy #1 provides a look at engaging elements of the story and doesn't care if you know anything about the game at all. Summoners War: Legacy #1 Cover Credit: Image Comics Rai Holder is the perspective character for the reader, a neophyte magician called a Summoner, empowered to call forth a semi-sentient magical creature to[...]
Summoners War: Lost Centuria Receives A Global Release Date
Com2uS has revealed the official release date for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, the anticipated follow-up to Summoners War: Sky Arena Developed by GAMEVIL, this latest title in the franchise's pantheon will feature new and familiar monsters as well as an all-new battle system for you to check out This will be a card-based, real-time system[...]
Summoners War: Sky Arena Releases Two New Monsters
Com2Us revealed today that they have released two new powerful monsters into Summoners War: Sky Arena for you to battle The two new monsters are Onimusha and Onmyouji, both from Japanese folklore as you'll face off against both of them in different ways Onimusha is a powerful unit that fights with the special power of[...]
Summoners War: Legacy – Image/Skybound Announces Prequel Series
The highly anticipated Summoners War: Legacy by writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode, Reaver) and artist Luca Claretti (Adventure Time Comics) with colors by Giovanna Niro (Star Trek: Nero) and lettering by Deron Bennett (Excellence, Assassin Nation)— launch on April 2021 from Image/Skybound Entertainment in partnership with game publisher Com2uS. "Summoners War: Legacy[...]