The Archer Class Comes To Black Desert Mobile Next Week

Pearl Abyss revealed this morning that both the Archer and Fletcher classes will be coming to Black Desert Mobile on February 16th. The latest update to the game dropped today which allows players to pre-create both of these agile sharpshooters and test them out to see how they work in this version of the game. You'll have a lot of new customization options as the Archer is the first class where players can choose between the original Ascension class or the alternative Awakening sub-class known as the Fletcher. You can read a little more about both classes below as well as read the latest patch notes from pearl Abyss for the game here.

A look at the Archer and Fletcher classes in the game, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at the Archer and Fletcher classes in the game, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

Archer, the forgotten son of the goddess Sylvia and protector of the world, is coming to Black Desert Mobile! Archer is a nimble class that uses a Crossbow retrofitted to attach to his arm, and the unique gauntlet Ra'ghon, which allows him to draw from the power of light. With his agility and mastery over archery techniques, Archer reigns over the battlefield. He is also able to concentrate his power into one devastating blow. Archer can awaken to become Fletcher, the Last Guardian of Kamasylve. Fletcher does not use arrows, but a unique spear-like projectile named the Divine Piercer. No one can withstand his critical blows. Fletcher uses a long-rage Greatbow to track enemies from afar, so some refer to him as the Overseer of Battle.

  • Archer is designed for maximum speed and agility, wielding a crossbow on his left arm and a divine gauntlet, Ra'ghon, on his right. He can rapid-fire magical arrows of light for condensed damage.
  • Fletcher is for more ranged power – wielding a powerful greatbow that is devastating at greater range. His sniping ability delivers deadly accuracy from afar, earning him the title of "Watcher of the Battlefield."

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