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Black Desert Mobile Adds Fairy Companions
Pearl Abyss has added a new update to Black Desert Mobile as players will run into more magical creatures and get their own Fairy companions The Fairy can now be added to your character as they will provide additional boosts to your defense, but be aware that they are not a catch-all They're not going[...]
The Drakania Class Has Been Added To Black Desert Mobile
Pearl Abyss has added a new class to Black Desert Mobile this week as the Drakania class finally makes its way to iOS and Android PC and console players have already had a chance to mess with this class for a hot minute and now mobile players can take on the mantle and bring an[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds The All-New Mystic Class
Pearl Abyss released a brand new update for Black Desert Mobile this week as players now have a chance to play as the all-new Mystic class If you're not familiar with the class from the regular game, they serve as a Monk-type character where they play like a brawler who uses her fists and feet[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds New Constellations & Treasure System
Pearl Abyss has added a new update this week into Black Desert Mobile, introducing a new treasure system as well as new constellations The battlegrounds are now complete for constellations as they have added several new stages in the form of Goblin, Giant, and Black Dragon The updated constellations will offer you a chance to[...]
The Kunoichi Class Arrives In Black Desert Mobile This Week
Pearl Abyss revealed this week that the Kunoichi class has been added to Black Desert Mobile, with a new season on the way The class is basically a ninja with a number of defining traits that help make it a unique class to the game, but in case you're wondering, it's a fast striker with[...]
The Archer Class Comes To Black Desert Mobile Next Week
Pearl Abyss revealed this morning that both the Archer and Fletcher classes will be coming to Black Desert Mobile on February 16th The latest update to the game dropped today which allows players to pre-create both of these agile sharpshooters and test them out to see how they work in this version of the game[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss decided to kick off the first week of the new year by giving Black Desert Mobile a fresh update with several new additions First off, getting right to it, you're getting a bunch of new pets as they have introduced Tier 6 to the mix If you've bothered to collect a pet and[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds The Dimensional Crystal To The Game
Black Desert Mobile is getting a bit of a change as Pearl Abyss has added the Dimensional Crystal system to the game If you're not familiar with this system, the crystals grant different buffs to characters including attack points, defense points, and Black Spirit skill points The effects of each individual crystal exceed the current[...]
Pearl Abyss To Soft-Launch "Black Desert Mobile" On October 24th
Pearl Abyss released new details for Black Desert Mobile's next update as it's getting the Grand Desert expansion The developers didn't give any hard dates with the announcement today, only that this would be a massive addition to the game that would coincide with its one-year anniversary, which is set to happen on December 8th[...]
Black Desert Mobile Receives Two New Classes At Once
Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile today where they added not one but two character classes to the game These two classes play in different styles depending on how you like to mix things up Both of them employ a blade and can be skillful swordsmiths, but their styles are[...]
Black Desert Mobile Celebrates Halloween With Its Own Event
Pearl Abyss revealed details this morning for a Halloween event happening in Black Desert Mobile this week There's really no special name for it or any grand storyline you'll need to do in other events, just a simple set of things you can choose to accomplish along with some decorations Kicking off the events will[...]
pearl Abyss Adds The Tamer Class To Black Desert Mobile
This morning, Pearl Abyss revealed they have now added the Tamer class to Black Desert Mobile, if you dig fighting with animals The Tamer is probably one of the strangest but most unique classes in the entire game as they hunt alongside the legendary protector, the divine beast Heilang, which you can issue commands to[...]
Hadum’s Realm Has Now Been Added To Black Desert Mobile
The latest update to Black Desert Mobile from Pearl Abyss has added a little darkness to the world as Hadum's Realm is now in the game If the image below didn't tip you off, this is basically a place where chaos and darkness reign as it is ruled by Hadum, the Goddess of Darkness In[...]
Black Desert Mobile Gets A Whole New Region With Hadum
Pearl Abyss dropped a new update into Black Desert Mobile today, adding a brand new region to explore with Hadum This region introduces a new boss to players with an evil goddess, as well as a mysterious questline for you to peruse You can read more about it below, and get the full skinny on[...]
Black Desert Mobile Gets A New World Boss With Muskan
Pearl Abyss revealed a brand new world boss for you to deal with in Black Desert Mobile as Muskan makes an appearance The cold-blooded fiend in all of his enraged glory is available for adventurers to challenge in-game Or at least he will be after the devs perform this week's maintenance In addition to the[...]