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Black Desert Holds A Times Console Event With The Hashashin Class

Black Desert Holds A Times Console Event With The Hashashin Class

Pearl Abyss launched a new event into Black Desert this week as they have a new character class for you to play as in the Hashashin Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to play as the 19th character, which is a warrior with the power of a Valencian god Accord to the devs,[...]

Pearl Abyss Has Added The Lahn To Shadow Arena In Latest Update

A new update has been added to Shadow Arena this morning, as Pearl Abyss has taken the Lahn character and thrown them into the right The character is designed to be more of an up-close fighter, not necessarily a brawler, but someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty in the middle of a[...]

Black Desert Mobile Adds The Massive Valencia Region

Black Desert Mobile Adds The Massive Valencia Region

Time to get a new set of boots as Pearl Abyss has added the massive Valencia Region into the world of Black Desert Mobile Technically the area you're getting is being called West Valencia, but it doesn't detract from the fact it's still a massive piece of land filled with new shops, NPC's, quests, enemies,[...]

Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"

Shadow Arena Is Now Available In Steam Early Access

Pearl Abyss has finally released Shadow Arena, sort of, as the game has now entered the Early Access system on Steam The Black Desert version of a battle royale game has been in beta testing for a while now to work out the kinks, but now we have an official version you can play, albeit[...]

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Black Desert Online Adds New Compose & Play Feature

Pearl Abyss announced a new feature being added to Black Desert Online as the musically inclined can take advantage of Compose and Play The new feature will allow you to go into the game and compose your own music to any character you so desire using a number of tools Essentially giving your character their[...]

Black Desert Mobile Striker

The Striker Class Has Been Added To Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss revealed earlier today that they have finally added the Striker class into Black Desert Mobile with a new update If you're not entirely familiar with this class, it's essentially like fighting with an unarmed monk who went to Fight Club and didn't talk about it, as they let the fists do the talking[...]

Black Desert Console Garamoth

Face-Off Against The Last Black Desert Dragon In The Return Of Garmoth

This morning, Pearl Abyss launched a new update for Black Desert on consoles, as you will now see The Return Of Garmoth The latest update for the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game will have players dealing with one of the greatest challenges to date As everyone will now witness the return of[...]

Black Desert Mobile Merchantry

Black Desert Mobile Launches Ramoness Season Two

Pearl Abyss threw in anew update to Black Desert Mobile today, which included the launch of Ramoness Season Two and more First and foremost, the tournament portion of this will run for four weeks and will kick off on May 19th with a round of 32 for each region, which will then close out on[...]

Shadow Arena Early Access

Shadow Arena Is Headed To Steam Early Access Next Month

Pearl Abyss announced this morning that after months of beta testing, Shadow Arena will be headed to Steam's Early Access The company's upcoming 40 player hero action battle royale game will be made live on their servers on May 21st There wasn't a lot of added details to this beyond the release date and the[...]

Black Desert Mobile Secret Shultz Fortress

Black Desert Mobile Adds The Secret Shultz Fortress

Pearl Abyss has added a new update to Black Desert Mobile this week that brings in an advanced battlefield with the Secret Shultz Fortress The update also comes with the new and improved enhancement system, Awakened Enhancement, which should help players get the levels they wish to achieve a little faster than before You can[...]

Black Desert Mobile Ancient Ruin Season 2

Black Desert Mobile Is Getting Ancient Ruin Season 2

Pearl Abyss announced this morning that Ancient Ruin Season 2 is coming to Black Desert Mobile with the latest patch announced today The devs revealed the addition in a new set of patch notes, which should be going into effect today Among the changes being put into the game, aside from the season, are Tier[...]

Shadow Arena Final Beta

We're Giving Away 50,000 Final Beta Codes For Shadow Arena

Pearl Abyss would like the game to go off without a hitch, so they're doing some beta testing on Steam from April 17th-20th And to get you in on the game, they gave use codes LOTS of codes 50,000 codes to be exact So how do you get one of these codes? It's pretty simple[...]

Jordine Ducas: Shadow Arena Hero Spotlight

Shadow Arena Reveals A Character Spotlight For Jordine Ducas

As Pearl Abyss gears up for the next beta to take place in Shadow Arena, they're now starting to do character reveals, starting with Jordine Ducas One of the few things we haven't really talked about when previewing the game is that all of the characters you choose from are pre-made versions of the character[...]

Black Desert Mobile Boss Rush Art

Black Desert Mobile Receives New Additions Including Boss Rush Mode

The three big additions that Pearl Abyss has added are a new boss mode, a PvP ranking system, and map to help you find your way around their mobile MMORPG A couple of those have been items that the community has been requesting on social media for a while, so to see them be added[...]

Black Desert Drieghan

"Black Desert" Adds The New Region Drieghan Today

Those of you looking for a new area to explore in Black Desert have just gotten your wish, as Pearl Abyss has added the new Drieghan region today This region, as the devs have put it, is basically the realm of dragons But it contains a society that is actually pretty killer as they live[...]

Interview: Pearl Abyss Lead Producer Kwang Sam Kim For "Shadow Arena"

"Shadow Arena" Will Have One Last Closed-Beta In Mid-April

Pearl Abyss will be giving players one more shot at a closed beta for Shadow Arena, as the game will be holding one more event in mid-April According to the info they sent out, the beta will take place from April 17th-19th, 2020, and will be available for the North American, European, and Asian servers[...]

Black Desert Mobile Dark Knight

"Black Desert Mobile" Adds The Dark Knight Class, Tower Of Trial & More

Black Desert Mobile just got a new update from Pearl Abyss, adding in the new Dark Knight class as well as a number of other additions A new patch was added today, which you can read about more in-depth here But the two big additions to it are the Dark Knight class, which we previously[...]

New Maehwa Character Class Added To "Black Desert" On Console

New Maehwa Character Class Added To "Black Desert" On Console

Pearl Abyss released a new update today for Black Desert on PS4 and Xbox One, as players now have access to the awesome Maehwa character class This character has more of an elegant fighter touch, kind of like a fencer, but with quick speed skills and short blade abilities You can read more about the[...]

"Black Desert Mobile" Opens Pre-Registration For Dark Knight Class

Pearl Abyss is celebrating the Dark Knight class coming to Black Desert Mobile by opening up pre-registration for players to get first crack at the character This comes as part of the latest patch released into the game this week Among the other addiotions are new gear resonance, a new mount with a Tier 6[...]

"Black Desert Mobile" Has Bosses Looking For Revenge In Season 2

"Black Desert Mobile" Has Bosses Looking For Revenge In Season 2

Pearl Abyss has released the latest patch notes for Season 2 of Black Desert Mobile, and this time around the bosses are coming back in force World bosses like Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka have returned and are now much harder to defeat Which will put you and other party members in a jam to get[...]