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Pearl Abyss Shows Off More Of The Sage In Black Desert Online
Pearl Abyss revealed more details on their upcoming character addition to Black Desert Online in the form of the Sage The developers haven't been dropping a lot of lore on this one with the buildup to their reveal, as it seems they're going to save every bit of useful knowledge about the character until it[...]
Black Desert Online Celebrates Five Years With New Content Reveals
Pearl Abyss celebrated the fifth anniversary of Black Desert Online by showing off new content coming to the game in a livestream The game has had a terrific run so far, first on PC becoming a new global MMORPG that people could dive into, then making its way to both consoles and mobile devices The[...]
Pearl Abyss Adds Five Heroes Back Into Shadow Arena
Pearl Abyss has been making some adjustments to Shadow Arena after they changed up the format, as they add five heroes back into the game The 3-v-3 arena fighter will be getting back Sura, Bari, Badal, Igrid, and Lahn, expanding the roster of playable heroes again from 12 to 17 The game was changed up[...]
The Archer Class Comes To Black Desert Mobile Next Week
Pearl Abyss revealed this morning that both the Archer and Fletcher classes will be coming to Black Desert Mobile on February 16th The latest update to the game dropped today which allows players to pre-create both of these agile sharpshooters and test them out to see how they work in this version of the game[...]
Auto Draft
Back in December, Pearl Abyss revealed they would be taking over the publishing duties on Black Desert This month, those plans move forward Up until now, Kakao Games has been managing the game in both North America and Europe for players, but now that Pearl Abyss is taking over, it means all accounts will need[...]
Shadow Arena Reworks The Venslar Hero As Part Of Updates
Pearl Abyss revealed today that they have released a new set of updates into Shadow Arena, which includes a rework of Venslar As you may recall, the game received a change of plans from the company after the battle royale version just wasn't working Now the game is set to be a three-vs-three battle in[...]
Pearl Abyss Makes Major Changes To Shadow Arena Gameplay
Pearl Abyss announced they have made major changes to the gameplay of Shadow Arena, greatly affecting the game moving forward The game has officially ditched the battle royale mode and has shifted over toward a 3-v-3 mode moving forward According to the devs, the change comes "after an extensive review of player feedback during early[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss decided to kick off the first week of the new year by giving Black Desert Mobile a fresh update with several new additions First off, getting right to it, you're getting a bunch of new pets as they have introduced Tier 6 to the mix If you've bothered to collect a pet and[...]
Pearl Abyss Reveals A New Trailer For Crimson Desert
Pearl Abyss has decided to show off more of Crimson Desert as they released two videos containing developer commentary The company showed off a good chunk of the game back at The Game Awards 2020 as we got to see a more in-depth look at how the game currently looks And while it was mighty[...]
Pearl Abyss Takes Over Publishing Of Black Desert Online
Over the weekend, Pearl Abyss revealed that they have officially taken over the publishing duties for Black Desert Online on PC During the Calphe:ON Ball stream, the company confirmed they will take over the publishing side from Kakao Games and will consolidate both that and the development of Black Desert Online starting February 24th, 2021[...]
Pearl Abyss Reveals A New Trailer For Crimson Desert
During The Game Awards 2020, Pearl Abyss went above and beyond with a new lengthy trailer for their upcoming game Crimson Desert The last time we had a chance to get this much info and content on the game was clear back at G-Star 2019 in South Korea, when the developers unveiled the game and[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds The Dimensional Crystal To The Game
Black Desert Mobile is getting a bit of a change as Pearl Abyss has added the Dimensional Crystal system to the game If you're not familiar with this system, the crystals grant different buffs to characters including attack points, defense points, and Black Spirit skill points The effects of each individual crystal exceed the current[...]
Pearl Abyss To Soft-Launch "Black Desert Mobile" On October 24th
Pearl Abyss released new details for Black Desert Mobile's next update as it's getting the Grand Desert expansion The developers didn't give any hard dates with the announcement today, only that this would be a massive addition to the game that would coincide with its one-year anniversary, which is set to happen on December 8th[...]
Black Desert Mobile Receives Two New Classes At Once
Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile today where they added not one but two character classes to the game These two classes play in different styles depending on how you like to mix things up Both of them employ a blade and can be skillful swordsmiths, but their styles are[...]