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The Drakania Class Has Been Added To Black Desert Mobile
Pearl Abyss has added a new class to Black Desert Mobile this week as the Drakania class finally makes its way to iOS and Android PC and console players have already had a chance to mess with this class for a hot minute and now mobile players can take on the mantle and bring an[...]
Pearl Abyss Celebrates Black Desert Online In South America
Pearl Abyss, the developer and publisher of Black Desert Online, is celebrating the game being self-published in South America this week Previously run by Red Fox Games, the company is transferring all accounts over to their control through a new service, much like they did before in other regions when they took over To celebrate,[...]
Black Desert Online Adds New Major Renewal Update For Two Areas
Pearl Abyss has added a major renewal update to Black Desert Online, specifically for the Balenos Questline and Elvia Realm in Calpheon For those who are not entirely familiar with the questline, Balenos is considered to be a warm hometown of adventurers, as it is one of the first regions players will encounter in-game whenever[...]
Black Desert Launches The Awakening For Corsair Class
Pearl Abyss revealed this week that they will finally be publishing Black Desert themselves in South America for the first time Up until now, the company had been going through RedFox Games in the region, which provided the company with a four-year publishing services plan Much like they did in other regions, they have decided[...]
Black Desert Shows Off More Of Upcoming Eternal Winter Expansion
The folks over at Pearl Abyss were kind enough to send us 25 codes for PC, giving you a chance to get the game ahead of time to create your own character, get a little playtime in, and figure out your role in the MMORPG All of this before the launch of Eternal Winter, which[...]
Black Desert Shows Off More Of Upcoming Eternal Winter Expansion
Pearl Abyss announced today that the next expansion for Black Desert Online, Eternal Winter, will be coming out in early April The announcement came today along with the word that a new Limited Edition release is now available for pre-order starting today and running all the way until its official release date, April 6th You'll[...]
Black Desert Shows Off More Of Upcoming Eternal Winter Expansion
Pearl Abyss has dropped a new trailer for Black Desert today showing off more of the new expansion on the way, Eternal Winter The team really haven't revealed much about the expansion up to this point, as about the only description for it is a foreboding phrase that goes "O warrior who shall rise above[...]
Black Desert Online Reveals Plans For Sixth Anniversary
Pearl Abyss dropped some new information about their upcoming plans for the Sixth Anniversary of their MMORPG Black Desert Online The festivities have officially begun and will be running all the way until March 16th, as they are planning to shower you in riches that include raffle events, item drops, login rewards, hot time buffs,[...]
Black Desert Online Will Hold A Valentine's Day Event
Pearl Abyss revealed their next event coming to Black Desert Online, as the team has officially launched a new Valentine's Day gathering Running from now until March 9th, you can jump into the game and snag some of their epic rewards through a Raffle Event to celebrate the day of love The event also brings[...]
Black Desert
Pearl Abyss has finally launched the annual Halloween event into Black Desert as the game will get a little more spooky for a few weeks PC players get access today while console players will get access tomorrow, as the event will run all the way through November 10th Along with all the events we have[...]
Black Desert Will Launch For Next-Gen Consoles Eventually
Pearl Abyss revealed plans today to officially bring Black Desert over to next-gen consoles as PS4 and Xbox One players will get a new season in October While the game has been backward compatible for players on both consoles, players who own those consoles will be getting a next-gen upgrade eventually, along with an official[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds The All-New Mystic Class
Pearl Abyss released a brand new update for Black Desert Mobile this week as players now have a chance to play as the all-new Mystic class If you're not familiar with the class from the regular game, they serve as a Monk-type character where they play like a brawler who uses her fists and feet[...]
DokeV - Official Reveal Trailer
During Gamescom 2021 this year, Pearl Abyss released the first trailer they've made in a long time for their upcoming game DokeV The first time we saw this game was back at G-Star 2019 in South Korea as the company was showing off a ton of new games on the way over the next few[...]
New Class Guardian Arrives On Black Desert For Console
Pearl Abyss has released some brand new DLC content for Black Desert specifically for console players to have a little fun with This special DLC consists of a variety of in-game items for you to apply to your character and in the game One of the most precious items in the package that they wanted[...]
Black Desert Launches The Awakening For Corsair Class
Pearl Abyss revealed details for the awakening of the Corsair Class in Black Desert, and it comes with some interesting perks Players who are working their way up with the class are able to try on the new outfit and dive into battle using the all-new harpoon-style weapon Patraca Not to mention getting some new[...]