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Pearl Abyss has a brand new major event happening in Black Desert Online, as the massive War of the Roses event will see a major battle ensue The team will be holding the first ever 300-v-300 battle in the game as a Pre-Season fight, which will take place across both North American and European servers[...]
Black Desert Reveals New Class & Roadmap Plans For 2024
Pearl Abyss revealed new info for their 2024 plans in Black Desert, as we got more information on the next class, as well as new expansion content First off, the team has revealed more info about the new Scholar class, which was originally revealed during this month's Calpheon Ball event We also learned that there[...]
Black Desert Mobile Celebrates Its Fourth Anniversary
Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile as the team celebrates the game's Fourth Anniversary this month The update comes with new content for you to check out, but more importantly, it comes with a number of new events that will keep you busy going into the new year Those details[...]
Black Desert Unveils New Royal Quests & Thanksgiving Events
Pearl Abyss has a new update arriving in Black Desert this week, as they are giving you a few things to do over Thanksgiving The devs will be expanding the desert region Ulukita with a third monster zone and a new questline for you to play through, all of which has been filled with royal[...]
Black Desert Mobile Launches New Hwaryeong Class
Pearl Abyss has launched a new update this morning for Black Desert Mobile, as players can engage with the brand-new Hwaryeong class This is more of a dazzling Maegu Awakening class as you get to channel the character's ethereal powers of the Fox Goddess and fully transform into a different kind of fighter who possesses[...]
Black Desert Launches Halloween 2023 Content Across All Platforms
Peral Abyss is bringing more of the spookiness to Black Desert today with the launch of its Halloween 2023 content across all platforms For the first time, all their seasonal content for the month has come out on the same day on PC, mobile, and consoles, giving everyone a chance to experience it at the[...]
Black Desert Console Adds Three Mythical Horses In Latest Update
Pearl Abyss revealed their latest update coming to the console version of Black Desert, as you're getting some horses and a new character awakening The team has added three new mythical horses for you to turn into your primary mount, as you have some interesting choices in front of you that might help certain classes[...]
Black Desert Mobile To Receive Latest Expansion On September 26
Pearl Abyss finally put a release date for Land of the Morning Light to be added to Black Desert Mobile, as it will drop on September 26 The release will coincide with the commencement of a new season launch, as well as the addition of Woosa Awakening, making it one of the biggest content drops[...]
Black Desert Mobile Will Receive Latest Expansion This Month
Pearl Abyss confirmed last week that Black Desert Mobile players will finally get Land Of The Morning Light later this month The publisher revealed that they will be bringing the content over to mobile on September 26, along with several other updates the game has needed for a moment Which includes the addition of a[...]
Black Desert Online Unveils New Territory In Latest Video
Pearl Abyss has released new details on an all-new region for Black Desert Online as they showed off the Ulukita territory with a new video This brand-new territory will put you to the test a bit as you'll have a large desert area to cover with several monster zones to visit, all of which give[...]
Black Desert Drops New Updates For Console & Mobile
Pearl Abyss has released two new sets of updates this morning for Black Desert, as both console and mobile players will get some new content First off, those on console will be getting a brand new serpent boss, as you can see below, as you'll come face-to-face against the impressive Imoogi! Meanwhile, mobile players will[...]
Black Desert Online Reveals More Details To Next 2023 Expansion
Pearl Abyss has officially launched its latest expansion for Black Desert onto consoles, as PlayStation and Xbox players can experience Land of the Morning Light This is the exact same content PC players have been experiencing, just delayed a bit because they had to make the transfer from PC to console But on the bright[...]
Black Desert Releases Multiple Updates Across All Three Versions
Pearl Abyss has decided to unleash three separate updates to the Black Desert franchise on PC, console, and mobile, all at the same time It's a rare occurrence, but it does happen on occasion that they have multiple events running concurrently across the game in different aspects We have the rundown of everything happening from[...]
Black Desert Online Reveals Details For New Festa Event Content
Pearl Abyss has released new details for the latest Black Desert Online event, as we have a clearer idea of the content on the way this month The team is essentially releasing a ton of content over the next several weeks, adding new things for you to do and experiences to have, essentially lighting the[...]
Black Desert Mobile Reveals Its Own New Expansion
Pearl Abyss has added two new items to Black Desert Mobile this morning, as players have access to a new class and a new region to explore First off, the team has brought the Everfrost region to the game, as you will explore and fight in a wintry mountain terrain, where you'll encounter new story[...]
Black Desert Mobile Reveals Its Own New Expansion
Pearl Abyss revealed this morning that Black Desert Mobile would be getting its own new expansion shortly, set to be released in a couple of weeks The team will be releasing the Everfrost update, which will bring about a number of cool features, as well as the snow-covered region of the aptly titled Eversnow to[...]
Black Desert's Latest Expansion Receives Launch Trailer
Pearl Abyss will officially be launching Land of the Morning Light, the latest expansion for Black Desert, this Thursday But not before dropping a launch trailer It isn't a lengthy trailer; it gives you about 90 seconds worth of visuals to entice you into checking out the new content And boy, is there a ton[...]
Black Desert Online Has Launched Woosa Awakening Class
Pearl Abyss has released the first of many content updates for the latest chapter coming Black Desert Online, as the Woosa Class has awakened One of the first ever twin-class characters to be released for the game, you'll now have a formidable magic user who draws strength from the afterlife This basically serves as one[...]
Black Desert Online Reveals More Details To Next 2023 Expansion
Pearl Abyss has revealed a ton of details about their upcoming expansion for Black Desert Online, as we have learned a lot more about what's on the way Land Of The Morning Light will serve as the first major expansion for the game in 2023, and it certainly shows as we're getting a ton of[...]
Black Desert Online Drops New Land Of The Morning Light Teaser
Pearl Abyss revealed a new teaser for their upcoming expansion to Black Desert Online, as we have a better look at Land Of The Morning Light The reveal of the expansion came late last week as players got a tease of the first large-scale expansion they had planned for 2023 This time around, we get[...]
Black Desert Online Launches Revamped Trading System
Pearl Abyss released a new update for Black Desert Online, as they have made a change to the trading system with a revamped work of its mechanics The changes come as part of a multi-year plan they have been enacting across many aspects of the game, all designed to improve the experience and remove what[...]
Black Desert Mobile Reveals More Info On Igneous Character
Pearl Abyss revealed new info on the incoming wizard character for Black Desert Mobile as we got a better look at the Igneous The team provided a complete introduction to the character on their website today, along with a pair of new trailers showing them off in action as they bring a bit of magic[...]
Black Desert Online Is Free For A Limited Time This Weekend
Pearl Abyss announced this week they will be giving you a chance to own Black Desert Online, totally free either through Steam or via their website This isn't a joke, this is a chance for you to get the game absolutely free, as they are offering a 100% discount on Black Desert Online Traveler Edition, which includes the[...]
Black Desert Mobile Releases New Update With New Mac Options
Pearl Abyss revealed they have added a new update to Black Desert Mobile today that gives the game some new content as well as options for Mac users Starting today, Mac users can now download the mobile title, including "Zayed," from the App Store on select Macs The update also comes with a brand new[...]
Black Desert Celebrates 7th Anniversary With New Events
Pearl Abyss has revealed details about their 7th Anniversary plans for Black Desert, as the game will be getting some new events and rewards The team is celebrating up and down for the next couple of weeks, starting off with some special livestream events you can only catch on their YouTube and twitch channels, which[...]
Black Desert Mobile Posts Two New Hashashin “Awakening” Class Trailers
Pearl Abyss are preparing for the new addition of the Hashashin "Awakening" Class coming to Black Desert Mobile, as they have released two new trailers The videos give a little insight as to what you'll be experiencing when the class is updated, with one being a promo for the class and the other basically being[...]
Black Desert Online Reveals 2023 Valentine’s Day Events
Pearl Abyss dropped new details this morning for the Black Desert Online Valentine's Day festivities, which are kicking off today The team has released a slew of details about what they have cooking over the next few weeks, as they have several events for you to dive into, items to collect, experiences to take in,[...]
Black Desert's Latest Character Additions Are Coming To PC Shortly
Pearl Abyss revealed today that the latest twin character additions for Black Desert will finally be coming to PC very soon Technically Woosa was already added to the game when they launched on two different platforms, but now, Maegu will be making her way over, completing the duo We have info on both characters for[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds New Update Celebrating Its Third Anniversary
Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile as they have added content to celebrate the game's third anniversary The team dropped the update along with a set of infographics talking about all of the things players have achieved in the game since it was launched for iOs and Android The update[...]
Black Desert Reveals Major Update During Calpheon Ball Event
Pearl Abyss held an in-person Calpheon Ball in Long Beach, California, this evening with a major update to Black Desert revealed Ovation Square played host to the event in whichever 200 fans gathered to check out the new addition on the way Along with finally showing off and debuting the new twin class in Woosa[...]