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Black Desert Launches First-Ever Co-Op Dungeon: Atoraxxion
Pearl Abyss has officially launched their first co-op dungeon into Black Desert as players can now experience Atoraxxion This new dungeon was created to be both a massive challenge with rewards that will make your day, btu also forces you to do the one thing a lot of players have a hard time learning to[...]
Pearl Abyss Reveals Black Desert's New Character Class: The Corsair
Pearl Abyss revealed a brand new character class and more during the 2021 Black Desert Heidel Ball, as players will get to play as The Corsair As you'll see from the trailers down below, swashbuckling comes to the game in a big way as you'll be a pirate captain with a few tricks up your[...]
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Pearl Abyss revealed this week that they'll be adding a new massive dungeon to Black Desert Online with the introduction of Atoraxxion Now that you have a new spellcaster class that works well with puzzles, sort of, it's time to put that brain and power to the test in a new co-op dungeon that will[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds New Constellations & Treasure System
Pearl Abyss has added a new update this week into Black Desert Mobile, introducing a new treasure system as well as new constellations The battlegrounds are now complete for constellations as they have added several new stages in the form of Goblin, Giant, and Black Dragon The updated constellations will offer you a chance to[...]
The Kunoichi Class Arrives In Black Desert Mobile This Week
Pearl Abyss revealed this week that the Kunoichi class has been added to Black Desert Mobile, with a new season on the way The class is basically a ninja with a number of defining traits that help make it a unique class to the game, but in case you're wondering, it's a fast striker with[...]
The Sage Character Has Officially Come To Black Desert Online
After a couple of months of teasing the new character class, Pearl Abyss has finally added the Sage to Black Desert Online Just to kind of boil the character down a bit from the grandiose stature they've put him on in the artwork, this is essentially a high-powered magic-user who has a small cube called[...]
Pearl Abyss Shows Off More Of The Sage In Black Desert Online
Pearl Abyss revealed more details on their upcoming character addition to Black Desert Online in the form of the Sage The developers haven't been dropping a lot of lore on this one with the buildup to their reveal, as it seems they're going to save every bit of useful knowledge about the character until it[...]
Black Desert Online Celebrates Five Years With New Content Reveals
Pearl Abyss celebrated the fifth anniversary of Black Desert Online by showing off new content coming to the game in a livestream The game has had a terrific run so far, first on PC becoming a new global MMORPG that people could dive into, then making its way to both consoles and mobile devices The[...]
The Archer Class Comes To Black Desert Mobile Next Week
Pearl Abyss revealed this morning that both the Archer and Fletcher classes will be coming to Black Desert Mobile on February 16th The latest update to the game dropped today which allows players to pre-create both of these agile sharpshooters and test them out to see how they work in this version of the game[...]
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Back in December, Pearl Abyss revealed they would be taking over the publishing duties on Black Desert This month, those plans move forward Up until now, Kakao Games has been managing the game in both North America and Europe for players, but now that Pearl Abyss is taking over, it means all accounts will need[...]
Black Desert Gets Nova Awakening & Succession On Console
The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Black Desert will be getting a double update today in the form of the Nova succession and awakening These new updates will change how the new class plays and make her even stronger throughout the game The awakening gives Nova a new weapon, Sting, which according to the[...]
Pearl Abyss Takes Over Publishing Of Black Desert Online
Over the weekend, Pearl Abyss revealed that they have officially taken over the publishing duties for Black Desert Online on PC During the Calphe:ON Ball stream, the company confirmed they will take over the publishing side from Kakao Games and will consolidate both that and the development of Black Desert Online starting February 24th, 2021[...]
Black Desert Mobile Adds The Dimensional Crystal To The Game
Black Desert Mobile is getting a bit of a change as Pearl Abyss has added the Dimensional Crystal system to the game If you're not familiar with this system, the crystals grant different buffs to characters including attack points, defense points, and Black Spirit skill points The effects of each individual crystal exceed the current[...]
Black Desert Mobile Receives Two New Classes At Once
Pearl Abyss has released a new update for Black Desert Mobile today where they added not one but two character classes to the game These two classes play in different styles depending on how you like to mix things up Both of them employ a blade and can be skillful swordsmiths, but their styles are[...]
New Class Guardian Arrives On Black Desert For Console
Pearl Abyss dropped a new update into Black Desert for PS4 and Xbox One today as the Guardian class has officially come to the game The character operates much the same as she does on PC, dawning a great battleax and a hefty shield that make them the perfect taking character for any situation The[...]