The Artificer Class Returns to Dungeons & Dragons for Playtesting

If you happen to remember playing Dungeons & Dragons during the 3.5 Edition phase of the game, you might remember a class called Artificer. Itw as a quirky little class that was a challenge to play, but if you managed to get it right you were basically a tinkering god. If you were high enough level, had the right materials, and rolled exceptionally well, you could basically create almost any magical weapon your heart desired. Depending on who you ask, the character class was made either to enhance the Eberron campaign at the time, or it was simply put into the game to attract steampunk fans into checking out D&D. We're guessing the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Artificer made it into 4th Edition, but was dropped with 5th Edition came out in 2014.


Well, that all changed this week as D&D announced on their website that they have revisited the class for playtesting. To be clear, this is not an official addition to the game. At least, not yet. The company loaded a 10-page PDF of the class for you to try out yourself. However, as the folks at Dungeons & Dragons pointed out, this is just a playtest and has not been fine-tuned to all of 5E, so you can't use them in Adventurers League. On the bright side of things, if they are testing this character out now, it may mean we'll see another sourcebook be released in 2019 to add them and others, which makes us smile! If you're looking for a mix of spellcaster, tinkerer, and fighter, this might be the class for you to mess with in your home game.

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