The ESA Announces New Official Dates For E3 2021

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has apparently decided to set up new dates for E3 2021 after this year's event was canceled. The organization themselves haven't posted anything themselves, but are reporting that they shared news with their partners on Friday night that they are simply now looking ahead to next year's event. What's more, they've already picked out a set of dates, setting it for June 15th-17th, 2021, still being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The only other news to come out of this from the alert is that they are planning what is being called a "reimagined" version of the convention. What that actually entails is anyone's guess as there were rumors for months before the coronavirus canceled everything that this year's event would have something special happening. Which was due in part to iam8bit handling it until they pulled out.

E3 2019 Entrance
Credit: Gavin Sheehan

E3 2020 seemed to be plagued with problems from nearly the end of the 2019 event. The coronavirus forcing them to cancel appeared to be the final kick in the backside to the event after what's as pretty much going to be a rough year. There was talk that the event might do something similar to what GDC ended up doing by providing an online option. But that idea apparently was nixed for unknown reasons and they decided instead to just look forward to next year. Which would have been interesting, but ultimately, probably not in their best interest since multiple companies like Microsoft, Devolver Digital, Nintendo, and more were going to do online presentations of their own prior to the event. Which they'll probably still do. Now comes the year-long debate as to whether or not this was a good decision on this part, along with all the generic "Is E3 Dead?" stories that people write every summer.

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