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Square Enix To Reveal Their E3 2020 Lineup Between July & August

Apparently, Square Enix's plans for E3 2020 will be coming out slowly over the next two months, according to a new report According to multiple sites, during a recent stockholders meeting, a Q&A session prompted the team to talk about what their plans were for 2020 after E3 was canceled Which lead to us finding[...]

505 Games Will Show Off Assetto Corsa Competizione On June 16th

505 Games Will Show Off Assetto Corsa Competizione On June 16th

With E3 canceled and everyone resorting to live streams, the devs decided to do the same thing, but with the organization that would have brought us E3 had the COVID-19 outbreak not happened The event will take place next Tuesday, June 16th at 8am PDT on YouTube, and feature a number of esports stars and[...]

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New Video Game Event Called The Guerrilla Collective Will Air In June

With E3 officially canceled, many of the video game studios and publishers have to resort to new means to get their information out to the public The vast majority going the livestream route This particular one will be a three-day event hosted by Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller and produced by Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) will[...]


Funko Pop E3 Exclusive Bundle Goes Live on GameStop

It looks like Funko won’t be holding back their exclusives as GameStop just put up pre-orders for upcoming Pops for E3 This is not the first year we have seen Funko drop exclusives from E3 but this is the first year E3 has been canceled There will be 5 games getting exclusives first up is[...]

Diablo Tyrael Funko POP! (Boxed)

Blizzard and Funko Unveil Diablo Tyrael Funko POP for E3

The figure is set a GameStop Exclusive figure and was set for the E3 Pop reveals Tyrael features a very unique mold showing him levitating in the air with a sword in hand Fans and non-fans of Diablo can appreciate this special mold, design, and paint style. The new Diablo Tyrael Funko Pop is scheduled for[...]

EA Play Live

The E3 Event EA Play Live Will Take Place Remotely Next Month

The popular E3 event, EA Play, is going to be done digitally next month as it will change into EA Play Live 2020 Like so many other live gaming events, Electronic Arts has made the decision to keep everything online so players and fans can practice safe social distancing due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic[...]

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The PC Gaming Show Will Officially Return In June

E3 may be canceled this year, but PC Gamer has announced they will still present the annual PC Gaming Show in June The company made the announcement yesterday, letting fans know that the show would return and will be livestreamed on Saturday, June 6th If you're not familiar with the program, this is a show[...]

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The ESA Announces New Official Dates For E3 2021

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has apparently decided to set up new dates for E3 2021 after this year's event was canceled The organization themselves haven't posted anything themselves, but GameIndustry.biz are reporting that they shared news with their partners on Friday night that they are simply now looking ahead to next year's event What's[...]

E3 2020 Has Been Canceled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

The ESA confirmed this morning that E3 2020 has officially been canceled over coronavirus concerns Up until a week ago, the organization let people know they were closely monitoring the situation Now it appears with Los Angeles in a state of emergency, the United States government being slow to respond, and no end in sight[...]

Devolver Digital Freaks Out Everyone Over E3 Cancellation Rumor

Devolver Digital Freaks Out Everyone Over E3 Cancellation Rumor

The company basically broke gaming Twitter this evening with the notice that E3 2020 is probably going to be canceled in the morning.[caption id="attachment_1176456" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Devolver Digital[/caption]The firestorm on Twitter you might be seeing this evening was started with a single post from the company, which spoke volumes on the coronavirus watch[...]

"GhostWire: Tokyo" Is Currently Scheduled For E3 2020

"GhostWire: Tokyo" Is Currently Scheduled For E3 2020

Provided that E3 2020 doesn't get canceled from the coronavirus, we know for certain at least one game that will be there is GhostWire: Tokyo We're not gonna lie, we almost forgot this game was still happening This is primarily due to two things One, Bethesda has kept leaks about the game under control for[...]

The ESA Responds To Iam8Bit Resigning From E3 2020

Last week we reported on how iam8bit resigned from E3 2020 as the creative directors of the event This week, the ESA has responded to that decision According to Video Games Chronicle, the organization provided a statement on the matter, showing that they are moving forward with the event despite the loss of their input.[caption[...]

Iam8bit Announces They've Resigned From E3 2020

Iam8bit Announces They've Resigned From E3 2020

Another interesting pullout from E3 2020, but this one has nothing to do with the coronavirus as iam8bit has resigned from the event The company made the announcement on their Twitter account just a short time ago It reads, "It’s with mixed emotions that @iam8bit has decided to resign as Creative Directors of what was to[...]

The ESA Says They're Watching Coronavirus Situation "Very Closely"

In all this coronavirus talk, you might be wondering what's happening with E3 2020 Apparently, the ESA has an eye on what's happening A bit of news from Game Informer, as they briefly chatted with the organization after GDC 2020 was postponed The company sent a response which basically sounds like they're going to still[...]

The ESA Responds To Sony Not Attending E3 2020

After today's announcements that Sony won't be at E3 2020, and they'll be doing their own thing in New York City, the ESA has responded The company posted a response on their own website, keeping their opinion and outlook on the situation short and to the point.[caption id="attachment_980525" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: E3[/caption] “E3 is a signature[...]

“Pokemon Sword and Shield” is New But Familiar

"Pokemon Sword and Shield" is New But Familiar

Which is the kind of tactical planning that the Pokemon series excels at.[caption id="attachment_1062057" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Nintendo[/caption]When it comes to the base combat, Pokeon Sword and Shield is much like Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, in that it has significantly upped the type strength / weakness balance, so the proper combination of types[...]

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” is Everything You Expect it to Be

"Luigi's Mansion 3" is Everything You Expect it to Be

The Luigi's Mansion series exists solely to answer the question "do you want to bust ghosts with a goo-tastic duplicate of yourself?" and Luigi's Mansion 3 is no exception. Naturally, the answer to that question is always an enthusiastic yes. Unless you don't have a soul, in which case you aren't playing Nintendo games anyway. […]

“New Super Lucky’s Tale” is Living its Best Life on the Switch

"New Super Lucky's Tale" is Living its Best Life on the Switch

New Super Lucky's Tale is just like the original, only better, and on the Switch. It includes various tweaks to existing content as well as some new content. It's also on a new platform, and really, the Nintendo Switch is the ideal venue for Super Lucky's Tale. The game always looked and felt like it […]

“Journey to the Savage Planet” is Cuter Than it Should Be

"Journey to the Savage Planet" is Cuter Than it Should Be

505 Games and Typhoon Studios' Journey to the Savage Planet is a sci-fi exploration game with a side of survival and narrative elements. The game drops the player on the titular savage planet, with the goal to explore. Players can find pieces of information about the planet's history by uncovering and interacting with the local […]

“Volta X” is GungHo America’s First Internally Developed Game

"Volta-X" is GungHo America's First Internally Developed Game

GungHo America has, so far, been relegated to providing support for GungHo's existing games on the world-wide market. However, the company now has its own internal development team. Their first project is the Switch title Volta-X, which is a combination battle-bot combat game with a side of resource management. Battles, at least for the moment, […]