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E3 2021 Reveals Part Of Their Schedule & Fan Access
It looks like the Entertainment Software Association has decided to throw in the towel this year as E3 2022 is no longer happening The word came down from Variety who confirmed the news after the organization sent out an email to all participating vendors this morning Here's a snippet from the report. "E3 will return in[...]
EE3 Announces Shift To Online-Only Event For 2022 Due To COVID-19
The summer gaming convention E3 has already confirmed that they will be switching over to an online-only event in 2022 due to COVID-19 With the Omicron variant making its way across the United States and case numbers spiking, people have been asking how this will impact the 2022 conventions as people were slowly getting back[...]
Yooreka Studio Reveals Eight New Games During E3 2021
Yooreka Studio threw their own gaming stream on the last day of E3 2021, where they revealed they have eight new games on the way The company had a diverse set of titles to reveal as they all come from different genres, half of them set to come out before year's end while the rest[...]
We Recap Everything From The Nintendo Direct For E3 2021
Nintendo saved the best for last on the final day of E3 2021, as their Nintendo Direct showed off a lot of new games coming in 2021 The company had a lot of pressure going into this, not from anyone in the company or whatnot, but from fans who were basically demanding a lot from[...]
World's First Mobile Gaming Browser Opera GX Launches At E3 2021
Opera had their own E3 2021 announcement this week as they have launched the world's first mobile gaming browser, Opera GX While the browser is a simplified version of its main browser, it still contains many of the features that the desktop browser has These features include gaming news feeds, custom skins, unique navigation with[...]
Limited Run Games Reveals 30 Upcoming Products During E3 2021
As part of E3 2021, Limited Run Games held its own livestream with LRG3, revealing over 30 games on the way this year As you're probably already aware about the company, they tend to do more special edition versions of indie games that have already been released Below we have a list of everything revealed[...]
Razer Reveals New Gaming Laptop & Specialty Headset During E3 2021
Razer revealed a number of new products during their E3 2021 keynote today, including a new gaming laptop and more Among the new items revealed today were the brand new Blade 14 gaming laptop, the Raptor 27 gaming monitor (which can be set up for three linked monitors at once), and the USB-C GaN charger[...]
We Recap The Capcom E3 2021 Showcase
Continuing through Day 3 of E3 2021, Capcom showed off a few things in their showcase, some we knew and a few things we didn't We have the video for you to check out down at the bottom as well as the company's official notes on everything they covered today Some of the big stuff[...]
We Recap Almost Everything In The Future Games Show At E3 2021
We cap off the second day of E3 2021 this weekend with the Future Games Show, which packed double the entries it normally does There were over 45 games revealed or talked about during this showcase, a number of them repeat from previous shows we won't cover, but a good chunk of them were new[...]
We Recap Most Of The PC Gaming Show From E3 2021
It's E3 2021, and as you might suspect, the most jam-packed showcase of them all is usually the PC Gaming Show, and this year was no exception There's so much of this show to cover, we just have a list of everything there was to talk about that we could get our hands on It's[...]
We Recap The Square Enix Presents Event From E3 2021
Square Enix released their Square Enix Presents video this afternoon at part of E3 2021, and they dropped a few bombshells on us today Right out the gate, we learned the mystery game from Eidos Montreal was Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy, as it appears we're getting a Marvel's Avengers version of that universe We're[...]
Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Will Happen On June 13th
Kicking off E3 2021's Sunday events, the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase took place today showing 30 new titles on the way They had a ton of content to go over today, as usual, and having Bethesda in the mix helped make the presentation a little more epic than it normally is We have about[...]
We Rundown The Wholesome Direct 2021 Showcase
Earlier today, Wholesome Games ran their own livestream during E3 2021 weekend with Wholesome Direct 2021, showing off over 75 titles at once A good chunk of what was shown was very brief, not every game got its own long presentation, as is the case with a lot of games during these livestreams But some[...]