The Original Contra For NES Is Up For Auction Boxed & Sealed

When it comes to Contra, very little beats the original. The game was one of the biggest success stories on the NES and became a must-play. Many of us writing for the website have wasted months worth of time in our lives playing this title because it doesn't matter how many times you die, or how many times you beat it, or whether to do it solo or with a friend, it still holds up as one of the best games to come out of the late '80s. So if you're looking to collect some nostalgia, now if your chance as Heritage Auctions currently has a copy of the game up on their website that is boxed and sealed and the auction ends on July 10th. The asking price they're looking for is a cool and even $10k, which yeah, that's a hell of a lot of cash for the game. But essentially, if you're looking at this as a collector's piece and not something to be played, it would make for a great piece of nostalgia to sit on the shelf. You can read more about the auction below.

The Original Contra For NES Is Up For Auction Boxed & Sealed
Credit: Heritage Auctions

As far as video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System go, we're pretty sure no one can deny that this one is an absolute masterpiece. Contra definitely qualifies as a key title for the NES, and it's one of those games we can play today and have just as much fun running through it as we did back in the day. Thankfully, it's easier than ever to find a means of playing this game. It's been made available on the Nintendo Switch, the NES mini console, and, not to mention, has been included in a myriad of Konami arcade classic compilations discs and cartridges over the years. We have a feeling this arcade classic is sure to inspire some serious competition among bidders!

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