The Tetris Mini Will Be Released In Japan Next Week

Wanna play Tetris wherever you go but don't want something bulky? The Tetris Mini may just be the thing you need to get. Japanese company Gametech revealed this week that they are releasing an officially licensed mini version of the classic puzzle game that is the size of a large keychain ornament. As you can see from the photos below, this isn't a full-on game or a recreation of the original, more of a shrunk-down version of the game so you're able to play it very quickly in a small monitor. There's a few different designs of this thing, but the one that's obviously got everyone's attention right now is the one that looks like a Game Boy, even down to the color of the start button matching that of the A & B buttons on the original.

A look at the Tetris Mini with a design reminiscent of the original Game Boy, courtesy of Gametech.
A look at the Tetris Mini with a design reminiscent of the original Game Boy, courtesy of Gametech.

What makes these really cool, aside from the size and the portability, is that they are USB charged. No relying on watch batteries or a AAA battery or anything that needs replacing. You simply just need to charge it when it winds down. It comes in six colors as you can choose from clear black, clear blue, clear pink, gray, yellow, and just simply clear. You can order one through their shop in Japan for ¥1,500 (about $14.30), or you can wait patiently for them to eventually come here. While the company hasn't announced they're headed to North America and Europe yet, considering the game's popularity on a global scale, it's only a matter of time before it makes its way here. Honestly, if Gametech isn't trying to get these overseas within the next month, they're basically throwing money away on what could be a top stocking stuffer toy for the holidays.

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