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Games Done Quick Founder Announces Departure
In what will probably be founder Mike Uyama's last event for a while, the organization spent the past week playing retro games featuring hundreds of speedrunners doing their best to entertain you while helping raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation (more info below) The event also has a number of new speedrunning World Records[...]
Ziggurat’s Retro First Friday Returns With Multiple Titles
Ziggurat Interactive has brought back its Retro First Friday system, with several retro games now up for sale via Steam The team has released a classic mid-'90s title with Lollypop, bringing you some platformer fun with a wind-up toy Meanwhile, the team also released the Buckwild Bundle, with nine games rolled into a single collection[...]
Mortal Kombat II Sourcecode Reveals Tons Of Cut Content
There always seems to be something new to find in many popular retro games, as a recent reveal about Mortal Kombat II unveiled Nearly three decades since the fighting game sequel was released, players have discovered some interesting content in the sourcecode that suggests the game had a lot of cut content It doesn't really[...]