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Arcade1Up Expands Their Lineup With Junior Cabinet Designs
comes with a variety of licensed classic retro games: Pac-Man, Dig Dug and Galaga. PAW Patrol Chase is in a Race, PAW Patrol Off Duty and PAW Patrol Pups on the Go, based on the popular preschool franchise created by Spin Master Entertainment. Multiple levels of challenge: Simplifies the game experience making it accessible to kids of all ages and skill levels. Gameplay designed for kids: The 3 ft. kid-sized arcade cabinets make[...]
Koch Media Announces New Retro Games Console, The A500 Mini
Koch Media along with gaming company Retro Games Ltd announced they're releasing a new retro console with The A500 Mini In what should be one of the biggest throwbacks for PC players, the A500 was at one point one of the biggest personal computing devices around in the late '80s Now you can have that[...]
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Ziggurat Interactive revealed two new retro games they have released for Retro First Friday as we're going back to PC in 1994 The two games you'll be seeing are Operation Body Count and Corridor 7: Alien Invasion, two first-person shooters by Capstone Software from the glory days of FPS titles, each with their own unique story and[...]
Three SNES Adventure Titles Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo revealed the next set of retro games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and it marks a shift in content going forward For this set, we're only getting three games, and all of them are SNES titles They are the animal putty game Claymates, the European-only release Jelly Boy, which is a puzzle-platformer that will now[...]
Evercade Announces Renovation Collection One For 2022
Evercade announced their latest retro games collection, set to be released in 2022, as we're getting the Renovation Collection One The collection comes from a collaboration between Blaze Entertainment and Edia Co Ltd, as the collection will come with twelve 16-bit retro games, originally released by the publisher Telenet Japan and Renovation in the United[...]