Warframe Releases New Details For Ninth Year Anniversary

Digital Extremes has revealed more details about the events happening for the ninth year anniversary of Warframe happening now. Those looking to take part in it will have access to some limited-time skins, gear, and a few other accessories that will all be part of the weekly premium rewards. Including the free Free Wisp Dex Skin you see below that looks absolutely stunning in pink and black. You'll also have the chance to carve your way through battlefields with the Garuda Prime, which is only available for a limited time. Not to mention the company's crossover with PUBG Mobile that's still happening until April 19th. You can read more about the event below.

Warframe Releases New Details For Ninth Year Anniversary
Credit: Digital Extremes

Players logging into Warframe over the next five weeks will be treated to free weekly gifts including Dex Skins, Weapon Slots, Armor, Glyphs, and other premium Accessories for players to continue their adventure across Warframe's expansive Star Chart in supreme style. Additionally, players will be able to slice and dice their way to ultimate glory with Garuda Prime, debuting with Prime Access today alongside her Signature Weapons and Customizations.

Alongside free weekly rewards and the launch of Garuda Prime Access, players can look forward to a new and improved Initiate Pack making its way to all platforms today. The Warframe Initiate Pack II – Nova Atomica packs a killer punch and boosts players' Arsenal instantly with a Warframe, Platinum, Customizations and many more powerful items. Unleash devastating antimatter explosions with Nova and traverse the battlefield through universe-bending portals.

To cap off the celebration of Warframe's 9th birthday, a new collection of Anniversary merchandise will be available for purchase from Warframe's online merch store, including t-shirts and pins, plus exclusive merchandise that can only be unlocked by hitting a required Mastery Rank (MR) in the game. The True Master Emblem pin and an exclusive t-shirt will be available for players MR 30+ (includes Legendary Rank 1 and Legendary Rank 2). Players already at MR 30+ in Warframe will have instant access to this exclusive merchandise collection and will only need to log into their Warframe account through the online merch store. All anniversary merchandise will remain available for purchase online beyond Warframe's anniversary campaign to ensure players have ample time to reach MR 30 and opt in.

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