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The New Wolf Warframe Will Arrive In-Game On November 30th
Digital Extremes revealed a brand new armor coming to Warframe as this one will channel your inner wolf while looking intimidating The next update called Luna's Prey will be launching on November 30th, which will bring about some changes with The Void as The Lotus embarks all Tenno on a mission to investigate a destroyed[...]
Warframe Reveals More Info About The Diviri Paradox
Digital Extremes revealed new content coming to Warframe as players will be diving into The Duviri Paradox next year During their latest Devstream, which you van check out down at the bottom, the team went over a couple of new additions to the game as Veilbreaker will launch on November 2nd Not to mention the[...]
Prime Warframe Revenant Will Become Available On October 5th
Digital Extremes announced today that they will be releasing the Prime Revenant Warframe into the game starting October 5th, 2022 The team revealed a number of quick announcements as part of an incoming new update happening next week, with the new armor on the table that will appear with the yearly October event Nights Of[...]
50th Warframe Styanax Is Now Available In The Game
Digital Extremes released a new update this week for Warframe as Styanax has arrived with some new additions for you to explore Along with this latest Tenno addition, the devs have also made Veilbreaker live, giving you a brand new single-player story quest, multiplayer boss showdowns, and a number of quality-of-life changes to help improve[...]
TennoCon Announces New Warframe Content & New MMORPG
Digital Extremes held TennoCon this past weekend, and with it came a number of Warframe announcements and a new MMORPG reveal First off, the game is getting a brand new Open World expansion called The Duviri Paradox, in which you will learn as you go, die frequently, and attempt to figure out a way out[...]
TennoCon 2022 Announces More Plans For Warframe Celebration
Digital Extremes has released new info for TennoCon 2022 as we get a better idea of what they have planned for the Warframe celebration On July 16 starting at 9am PT on Twitch, Steam, YouTube, the team will be revealing a ton of new content for the game, including what they have planned for the[...]
Warframe Adds Zephyr & Chroma Into The Prime Vault For A Short Time
Digital Extremes revealed that they've returned a couple of items to Warframe as Zephyr and Chroma have been added to the Prime Vault If you're not aware of how the system works, the Prime Vault is an extension of Warframe's Prime Access program, where you can snag old Warframes for a limited time[...]
TennoCon 2022 Has Been Confirmed For Mid-July
Warframe developer and publisher Digital Extremes have officially announced this morning that TennoCon 2022 will be happening this July Yet again, we have another convention that will be staying digital in 2022 as the company revealed they will be broadcasting a livestream of events all day on July 16th from London, Ontario across multiple platforms The[...]
Warframe Releases New Details For Ninth Year Anniversary
Digital Extremes has revealed more details about the events happening for the ninth year anniversary of Warframe happening now Those looking to take part in it will have access to some limited-time skins, gear, and a few other accessories that will all be part of the weekly premium rewards Including the free Free Wisp Dex[...]
Warframe Reveals Latest Expansion, Angels Of The Zariman
Digital Extremes held a special livestream this week revealing the next Warframe expansion in the form of Angels Of The Zariman The main crux of the expansion is an entirely new quest for you to embark on, in which you will revisit the tragic events aboard the infamous Zariman Ten Zero You'll be heading through[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches New Crossover Event With Warframe
Krafton Inc., Tencent Games, and Digital Extremes have come together for a new PUBG Mobile crossover event with Warframe These two franchises will collide with each other starting tomorrow, March 10th, and running for over a month as the Erangel map will serve as the setting for this unique event During this time, players will[...]
Warframe Opens A New Prime Vault With Rare Characters
Digital Extremes is giving Warframe players a rare opportunity as they have cracked open the Prime Vault and unleashed rarities Specifically the Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime are now out in the open for people to snag for a limited time only You have the chance to unlock or earn Banshee Prime and Mirage Prime[...]
Auto Draft
Digital Extremes have decided to give their fans one more shot as some of the most powerful gear in Warframe, but only for a limited time The team is giving you one last chance to assemble the Prime Vanguard, which will help you gain access to its vast selection of powerful arsenal including Prime Warframes,[...]
Warframe Reveals New Details Behind The New War Expansion
Digital Extremes revealed a few more details about The New War, the latest expansion on the way this month for Warframe Chief among them are the new playable characters that make their introductions in Act I of this new content, as you will take control of iconic enemies like Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus[...]
Warframe: The New War Will Release In Mid-December
Digital Extremes revealed that the next expansion on the way for Warframe called The New War will be coming out in mid-December The content will have a ton of new additions including a free Cinematic Quest line, in which you'll be thrown into the mix of constant battles while the team marries a personal story[...]
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Digital Extremes has revealed the next event coming to Warframe as players will be entering the Prime Resurgence on Tuesday, November 16th This event is designed to set players up for the next major expansion coming to the game as you'll have an opportunity to instantly unlock or earn two Prime Warframes as well as[...]
Warframe Reveals Horror-Themed Events For October
Digital Extremes revealed their plans for the month of October in Warframe as they are kicking up the horror-themed events up a notch Players can jump into the game right now and explore free-to-play quests and themed events throughout the month that will be fun to explore and give you a fright, while also bringing[...]
Warframe Launches Quest To Conquer Cancer Event For October
Digital Extremes has launched a new event for October in Warframe tied to the real world with their Quest To Conquer Cancer All month long, players and the general public can participate in the quest by tuning into participating Warframe streams and donating onstream and unlock exclusive rewards, which includes content from the upcoming expansion[...]
Warframe Will Host A Massive Nidus Prime Showcase Event
Digital Extremes revealed that they will be holding a special Warframe livestream which will be dedicated to the Nidus Prime Showcase The event will take place on Friday, August 27th at 11am PT, broadcast live on both Twitch and YouTube This will be the first chance for players to get an in-game walkthrough of the[...]
Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime Return To Warframe On August 10th
Digital Extremes are bringing back a couple of goodies to Warframe this week as both Rhino Prime & Nyx Prime will return Both of these armaments have been in the Vault for a while, but they're busting them out for a while for people to get into them again But when the devs giveth, they[...]
Digital Extremes Shows Off Cross-Platforms Play For Warframe
During TennoCon 2021 today, Digital Extremes revealed plans for Cross-Platform Play coming to Warframe, along with other options The news is pretty amazing as it will give players on PC the chance to play with those on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, all at the same time with multiple options opened up to everyone This[...]
Warframe Reveals The new War During TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes made a major reveal during TennoCon 2021 as the next major event coming to Warframe is The New War The next chapter of the game will bring in a major expansion where players everywhere will need to unite together in the Origin System like never before If they don't, there may not be[...]
Warframe Will Release Interactive Preview At TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes revealed this morning that they will be introducing an interactive preview for Warframe during TennoCon 2021 When the event happens on Saturday, July 17th, virtual attendees will be able to watch The New War world reveal live on Twitch But shortly after, the devs will be hosting an in-game Relay event where players can[...]
Auto Draft
Digital Extremes released a new trailer and info on the next Warframe update, Sisters of Parvos, being released in the game on July 6th You can watch the trailer down below as they show off all of the content that will be coming to this update, as well as introducing a wealth of new experiences[...]
Digital Extremes Reveals Schedule For Warframe's TennoCon 2021
Throughout the day there will be tentpole events starting at 12:30 PM ET that will keep the event rolling all the way into the evening as they will celebrate the game, the fans, and all things to come over the course of the next year for Warframe You can check out the schedule below and[...]
Warframe Reveals Prime Gaming Fashion Frame Collection Set
Digital Extremes revealed a new Warframe exclusive happening with Twitch and Prime Gaming, including a launch date and rewards roadmap As you can see from the image below, you're getting a new set of purple and white armor (just like Twitch colors) which will be called the Verv Fashion Frame Collection This particular collection will[...]
Warframe Announces Gara Prime Access With Release Date
Digital Extremes revealed today that they have a release date for the Gara Prime gear in Warframe, and it's coming very soon The team will be releasing it on May 25th as the legend of the glass-armored warrior continues with a special powered-up Prime variant, which will officially become the 32nd Prime Warframe release We[...]
Digital Extremes Reveals Details For TennoCon 2021
Digital Extremes took a moment to reveal their plans for TennoCon 2021, or at least what they have in store for Warframe fans The event will be digital again due to the pandemic, which has especially been hard on the Canadian-based team where people are waiting four months to get a second vaccine dose Everything[...]
Warframe Announces Plans To Celebrate Its Eighth Anniversary
Digital Extremes revealed new details today of what they'll be doing to celebrate the eighth anniversary of Warframe starting this week Along with some special merch that you can purchase from their shop, there's not a ton happening this time around compared to previous years The next four weeks will be holding special challenges that[...]
Warframe Releases Newly Revised Corpus Proxima & Railjack Update
Digital Extremes has released a ton of new content into Warframe today as we get the revised Corpus Proxima and the Railjack update We have the full notes for you down below as to what this will mean for the game, as well as a couple of videos from the company showing off what can[...]