Warner Bros Line Up Remake of "10" With Legally Blonde Writers

Warner Bros is planning to remake yet another comedy classic. The studio has hired Legally Blonde writer's Karen McCullah and Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith to pen the script for a remake of 10. The 1979 comedy was a huge success when it was released, starring Bo Derek, Dudley Moore, and Julie Andrews, who will also produce the remake. Blake Edwards directed it; it was the film that made Bo Derek a household name and continued the comedy box office gold run of Dudley Moore. Now Warner Bros. is hoping that a remake of 10 can make a huge splash with an updated modern take. The news was reported by Deadline.

10 remake set up at Warner Bros.
10 remake set up at Warner Bros.

10 Would Be Perfect for HBO Max

The original film followed a Hollywood composer "going through a mid-life crisis who becomes infatuated with a newly married woman." It grossed $75 million back then, which was huge business. "10 holds a special place in my heart. It captures Blake's charisma and his special humor that I so adore. I have long been rather protective about which of Blake's brilliant works should be re-imagined. I am pleased that today's film goers will have an opportunity to enjoy a new interpretation of this classic," said Julie Andrews. This new remake will apply a more modern sensibility to the project, and what defines a "perfect 10" in today's society.

This will be an interesting one to watch. In the hands of McCullah and Smith, this one could be a massive breakout hit. Also interesting is if Warner Bros. will try to release this into theaters or if they will position it on HBO Max. This screams HBO Max to me, as comedy and low budget films are facing an uphill battle when it comes to theatrical distribution from here on out. 10 is a name property, although it begs the question who remembers it. I guess we will find out sometime soon.

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