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Danielle Harris Set to Direct Female-Centric Slasher Titled Sequel
Indie Scream Queen Danielle Harris will make another horror film comeback in the near future, but this time she'll be helming an upcoming genre title about one of horror's biggest strengths. Harris has starred in movies like Halloween 4, Halloween 5, and as an adult, the reboot of the Halloween franchise, Urban Legends, and the horror-comedy[...]
3 Reasons We're Hoping for a Second Hatchet Trilogy
After the success of the 2017 Victor Crowley, which was said to be the beginning of Hatchet's second trilogy, we've heard buzz that there's still plans to return to the story that birthed the Honey Island Swamp massacre, and it's about time.  An Ongoing Story In every chapter of Hatchet, each film picked up where the previous[...]
'Camp Cold Brook': Watch the Trailer for the 2000's Style Horror Film Now
Camp Cold Brook, a little indie horror movie starring scream queen royalty Danielle Harris and Chad Michael Murray, has dropped a trailer on us today In the film, a reality film crew decides to film a new episode at a camp ground where campers were killed years prior Sound familiar? While not a slasher, supernatural[...]
"Hatchet" Star Danielle Harris Suggests More Sequels Are Coming
Horror veteran Danielle Harris has made a reputation for herself as Laurie Strode's daughter in Halloween 4 and 5, the Rob Zombie reboot and the cult classic film series Hatchet After four films, (three of which featured Harris) the scream queen has confirmed that there are plans for at least two more films before concluding. Harris[...]