A True Cloverfield Sequel is Officially in the Works

The Cloverfield franchise might be one of the weirder series of movies that has managed to appear on the big screen. The first movie is pretty much the example, save for The Blair Witch Project, about what a good marketing campaign can do for a production. This movie released a teaser that told us nothing and then dropped clues over the course of months that also told us nothing. There were a lot of people speculating about what it could be, and what we ended up getting what a found footage horror movie that had such horrible shaky cam that it actually made people sick.

It seemed like, in the end, that the monster was dead but going through everything, there were hints that it wasn't dead yet. The fantastic follow-up 10 Cloverfield Lane, the best in the series so far, came a few years later, and the last movie we saw was The Cloverfield Paradox, which got surprise dumped on streaming. For a little while, people thought that the fantastically underrated Overlord was a Cloverfield movie, but that turned out not to be the case. Now, Paramount and Bad Robot are finally making a true sequel over ten years after the first movie came out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new sequel will be written by Joe Barton and produced by J.J. Abrams.

A True Cloverfield Sequel is in the Works
Cloverfield Poster. Credit: Paramount Pictures

We don't know anything else about this new Cloverfield project aside from the fact that it won't be found footage, which is probably the right decision. The found footage thing worked once, along with that marketing campaign, and there is just no possible way to make lightning strike twice. In fact, we shouldn't expect another fantastic viral marketing campaign from this one at all because viral marketing in the 2020s is very different from the early 2010s. We'll have to see what kind of movement we get from this one once the ball gets rolling, but Paramount and Bad Robot likely won't be playing coy when it comes to telling us if a trailer or a poster is a Cloverfield poster or trailer. It's a brand now, and that brand is the thing that will sell the movie, so why hide anything when all it will do is dull the hype machine?

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