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Angela Sarafyan & Lia McHugh Spend Time in The House On The Bayou

A House on the Bayou, from Blumhouse, will be coming to screens both large and small on November 19. In an effort to reconnect and mend their relationship, Jessica, played by Angela Sarafyan( Westworld, Reminiscence) and John Chambers (Paul Schneider), seek an idyllic getaway with their daughter Anna, played by Lia McHugh (Eternals, the Lodge) to a remote mansion in rural Louisiana. When suspiciously friendly neighbors (Jacob Lofland, Doug Van Liew) show up for dinner uninvited, the weekend takes a sinister turn as the fragile family bond is tested and dark secrets come to light. Just ahead of the release, the movie's stars Angela Sarafyan and Lia McHugh join Bleeding Cool to discuss on-screen chemistry, filming in a creepy old house on the bayou, and how this movie may affect your relationship.


House On The Bayou Teaser Debuts, Out November 19th
House On The Bayou. Credit Blumhouse

Blumhouse likes to knock these movies out pretty quickly, and A House on the Bayou was only a three-week shoot. How do you create that on-screen chemistry with each other and co-star Paul Schneider in such a short amount of time? 

Lia McHugh:  I love being on location because we all get to stay in the same hotel. That's like a big slumber party. We're always with each other because we're not with our family, so we want to be with each other as much as we can. We'd literally be on set all day for 12 hours, come back, all have dinner together, read a script together and then get up in the morning. We were with each other all the time. 

Angela Sarafyan: I love that we're in this kind of intense three weeks because we spent almost every waking hour together, aside from five hours of sleep. It was kind of refreshing to do that because I've never had that level of intensity in such a short period of time. I felt really connected to Lia and Jacob and with Paul too. Paul is a very quirky person. Everything that we had together was kind of built on the truth of our relationship and the marriage between our characters. A marriage between us and the characters, and I think half of the job is seeing the person you cast opposite. 


Angela Sarafyan & Lia McHogh Spend Time in The House On The Bayou
Screencap Lia McHugh in A House on the Bayou from Blumhouse


Director Alex McAulay shot the movie in an actual house in New Orleans, on the bayou, is that correct?

LM:  It was this beautiful, massive house. It had this really eerie vibe to it. It was the perfect location to shoot this movie. The trees and the bayou, snakes that would crawl out of the bushes around us, gave us that creepy vibe, and we all got into it because of the location. 

AS: It was so beautiful; one aspect of the space reminded me of the old horror films. So I thought that was very classic. There was something stunning about it.

Angela Sarafyan & Lia McHogh Spend Time in The House On The Bayou
Screencap 'A House on the Bayou' from Blumhouse

What would you say was the most difficult scene to shoot? 

AS: When I got to shoot Jacob's character, that was intense. That night there was another hurricane coming. We had to break that scene to another day because the hurricane was coming. Our producers were so conscientious and thoughtful. The first thing I have to say, I love the crews. So many great people were involved, and the entire set was just full of love, heart, and talent. 

Will this movie make folks consider their own relationship and pay attention to their own relationships since 'The Devil might be watching them?'

 LH: There's always those moments in life where you kind of feel guilty all of a sudden. Sometimes when you do something wrong, you make yourself think that it's justified. Then there are those moments where you admit to yourself, this was wrong; maybe there are some things that I should be accountable to myself for. 

AS:  I don't look at life so much in that way, I think that there's goodness in life, And then there is a different lower vibration, which isn't just bad, which is evil. I think the movie very interestingly explores that reality. There are these moments in the film; you get to explore the devil, and maybe what seems like the devil might not be the devil. I'm not going to say anything to ruin the movie, but at the end of it, lessons are learned. 

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