Belligerent Vin Diesel Won't Give Up On Marvel Making Inhumans Movie


The writing was on the wall for a feature film starring The Inhumans as soon as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige liberated the division from the control of Marvel CEO and Donald Trump advisor Ike Perlmutter. Long a pet project of Ike's as part of an overall strategy to push The Inhumans to prominence as revenge for Fox purchasing the movie rights to The X-Men, Feige didn't wait long to cancel the movie, scuttling Ike's plans and contradicting all the efforts of Marvel's comics and TV divisions in trying to make The Inhumans happen with unwilling fans.

But Ike was undeterred, deciding that instead of making a "movie," he would direct his TV department to produce an Inhumans "TV show," the first two episodes of which would be filmed in Imax and shown in movie theaters. But where does that leave Vin Diesel, who was widely believed to be in line for a role as Black Bolt in the film, but too important an actor to star in a lowly TV show?

The xXx 2: That's Like Six X'es wants Marvel Studios to change their mind, according to an interview with ScreenRant:

I think Marvel should never—I don't think Marvel should abandon their opportunity to make a film out of it. I think it could be a huge, huge saga, and if I had more time I would go over to Marvel and have that very conversation. But I think it would be a big mistake for Marvel to abandon their ambitions or their objective or their goals of making it into a film, because it would make such a cool universe.

Will Vin Diesel be able to convince Kevin Feige to ease up on Perlmutter now, while he's got him on the ropes? It's unlikely, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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