Daniel Craig Dismisses Rumours Of Two-Parter Bond Story


Daniel Craig Dismisses Rumours Of Two-Parter Bond Story

Last week we reported two big pieces of news regarding the James Bond franchise. First, that the next two films will be written by John Logan, the screenwriter behind Gladiator and Hugo. Second, for the first time in Bond history, we would see a two-parter story arc that would be told over the course of both of Logan's films.

However, Daniel Craig has just stated in an interview with Filmstarts that the very idea of a two-parter Bond "impossible".

I don't know where that's come from. It's impossible to do a two parter … All we're trying to do at the moment is get the next one sorted out, and that will standalone, and if I'm able I'll do another one after that.
Craig has previously confirmed to Bleeding Cool that he is contracted for two more Bond films, so don't pay too much attention to the "if I'm able" part of that quote. As for the rest of it, there's a slim chance that Craig is either out of the loop or telling fibs to throw people off, but only time will tell if this is the case.
The statement that the next story would be a two-parter came from an unspecified source over at Deadline. There's not yet been any denial about Logan's assignment as screenwriter for the next film, so we can be fairly certain that this part of the story was true.

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