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If you've been here before, you know how this works: five movies that were on the minds of the Netflix series' writers that week – and now also serving as some cool selections to pass that self-isolation time. Netflix Following the reveal, we've included the trailers to make your "research" a little easier – at no extra[...]
The Most Underrated Films of the 2010s Part I: Blockbusters and Franchises Edition
Perhaps it was the early use of de-aging technology that made Jeff Bridges look very uncanny-valley-y, perhaps it was the somewhat weak plot or the weak characterization of Sam (Garrett Hedlund), but what it lacks in these areas it makes up for beautiful worldbuilding, a fun performance by Olivia Wilde and a soundtrack by Daft[...]
The Name’s Bag. Fleabag: Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Punch Up New James Bond Script?
That's James Bond for you. Over the decades, the Bond movies have always lifted from other movies and genres like a magpie to stay relevant – blaxpoitation for Live and Let Die, the Jason Bourne series for Casino Royale, Silence of the Lambs for Skyfall, and so on – so why the hell not lift from[...]
How The HR Department Of MI6 Would View The Activities Of 007 James Bond – Infographic
A human resources impact breakdown of Daniel Craig's three James Bond films  so far, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall and the 1.5million insurance claims that the films would cost the secret services. Frankly, I reckon that's a bargain A small percentage of the budgets in real terms… Though the 47 disciplinary marks on his HR file[...]
TV Spot For Spectre Runs During NBA Finals
In it we see that the film picks up on where Skyfall left off involving the previous M's death and Bond's past. The film starts Daniel Craig as 007, Andrew Scott will play Denbigh, Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx Monica Belluci as Lucia Sciarra Leia Seydoux as Madeleine Swann and Christoph Waltz will be Oberhauser[...]
Spectre Teaser Trailer Hits The Web
Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, looks to pick up right after Skyfall as Bond gets a cryptic message from his past that puts him on the trail of s sinister organization The new M must fend of political forces trying to shut down the secret service, while Bond digs through the layers of deceit[...]
Lost In Translation – How Bad Subtitles Could Hurt Guardians Of The Galaxy
We cannot help but doubt the professionalism of the translator." This is not the first film to receive such criticism, Men in Black III, Pacific Rim, The Hunger Games and Skyfall all had poor subtitles was hinder their success. [Source: THR] Guardians of the Galaxy opened well in China last weekend, but the word-of-mouth that helped it[...]
James Bond 24: Sam Mendes Officially Directing For 2015 Release
Despite the phenomenal success of Skyfall it's been unclear whether or not Sam Mendes would be back in the director's chair for the next Bond film, but a Sony Press release today confirmed that Sam Mendes will return… He had the following to say about directing the next film, I am very pleased that by giving me[...]
Angelina Jolie And Top Class DP Roger Deakins Go Scouting – UPDATED
He even recently received a CBE, and his work on the hugely successful Skyfall last year not only showed off his incredible eye and technical ability but no doubt helped the ranks of his fan club swell even further. UPDATE: An official press release confirms that, yes, Deakins is the cinematographer on this film and its US release has[...]
Look! It Moves!: Our Year Of Romance With Spies
We've had the latest James Bond flick SKYFALL, the second season of HOMELAND as popular and big a talking point as ever, and now Kathryn Bigelow's problematic ZERO DARK THIRTY. Two things stand out to me about these shows: their popularity reflects an ongoing public fascination with spies and the genre Just when the genre looked[...]
Tuesday Review: Batman #15. And Skyfall. Somehow.
Will Romine writes; Hello Friends! This weekend, I got around to seeing Skyfall Overall, I'd say it did everything a Bond film was supposed to do Little did I know after leaving the theater, that a friend of mind would requisition me a copy of Batman #15 When I sat down to read it, the parallels between[...]
Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: Mastering The Master
Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool; How The Master, Skyfall and Mad Men are linked. Finally saw The Master It's a true cinematic curio: a genuine American arthouse film Unlike mainstream Hollywood commercial movies, arthouse films aspire to lofty ideals, refusing to provide easy answers or user-friendly hints They thrive in mystery, which is something mainstream Hollywood[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: Skyfall
Bond at 50:  Only a fool would describe Skyfall as the best Bond film ever They're all so different for one thing How do you compare Tim Dalton's tight-lipped determination to keep 007's elegantly-shod feet on the ground with Roger Moore's predilection for tap-dancing his way into self-parody? How do you measure Sean Connery's smoky,[...]