Did Zack Snyder Confirm Ray Porter was Cast as 'Justice League' Darkseid??

Yet another entry into the on-going, far-from-over Justice League hot button debates. This time, it has to do with a possible casting decision that was made (and confirmed?) by director Zack Snyder, and it has to do with ultimate DC Comics baddie, Darkseid.

Zack Snyder during SDCC
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According to a blog post from The Exiles Network, some uncovered information points to Ray Porter being Snyder's original choice for the big-bad in the Warner Bros. Pictures film.

The Film Exiles can confirm from a source close to the production, that not only was Darkseid in Snyder's cut of Justice League but that he was cast, and was performed by none other than Ray Porter.

They allude to this information pointing to the existence of the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, which is reportedly a very different end product then the one fans saw theatrically 17 months ago.

Specifically, the fact that there are storyboard images, drawn by Snyder and released via Vero by Snyder, which show a very different more comic book-inspired Darkseid.

Did Zack Snyder Confirm Ray Porter was Cast as 'Justice League' Darkseid??
This story board image comes from ForSnyderCut.com (founded by an Exiles Network member), along with a video clip from one of Kevin Smith's "Fatman on Batman" live podcast recording from Scum and Villainy Cantina where an audience member says she not only was at one of the early test screenings, but confirms there was an "unfinished" Darkseid that was very different than the one seen in Justice League.

Snyder was asked about the above artwork and responded on Vero, saying he "shoots what he draws", which does indeed play into the Snyder Cut's existence.

Did Zack Snyder Confirm Ray Porter was Cast as 'Justice League' Darkseid??
To back up this statement, The Exiles Network also point out this moment in the first Justice League trailer which features a bright flash of blue light, that certainly resembles the storyboard cell.

Did Zack Snyder Confirm Ray Porter was Cast as 'Justice League' Darkseid??
This is….pretty compelling evidence that perhaps some, if not all, of a Snyder Cut actually exists.

But will we ever see it? Only time will tell.

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