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HBO Max Reveals 2 New Posters for Zack Snyder's Justice League
Fans either used it for laughs on social media or genuinely questioned this potential plot hole (in their eyes) which has even gotten back to some of the cast, including Darkseid himself. In a new interview with FandomWire, Darkseid actor Ray Porter was asked about the detail and offered the following as his response "Consider the[...]
Did Zack Snyder Confirm Ray Porter was Cast as 'Justice League' Darkseid??
This time, it has to do with a possible casting decision that was made (and confirmed?) by director Zack Snyder, and it has to do with ultimate DC Comics baddie, Darkseid. Zack Snyder during SDCCPhoto by Bill Watters According to a blog post from The Exiles Network, some uncovered information points to Ray Porter being Snyder's original choice for[...]
The Singularity Trap – Classic Science Fiction from Dennis E. Taylor
Taylor, narrated by Ray Porter. Now before I get into my review, here is the synopsis for the book. The number one best-selling author of the Bobiverse trilogy returns with a space thriller that poses a provocative question: Does our true destiny lie in ourselves – or in the stars? If it were up to one man and[...]