Disney to Pull Beleaguered Frozen Short from Coco Screenings Following Backlash

Starting December 8, the 21 minute Frozen short, Olaf's Frozen Adventure, will be pulled from all screenings of Coco, multiple news outlets including Mashable have reported. The short's existence was met with fan backlash, mainly for being too long (between previews and the short, it was more than 40 minutes before the actual movie started). Disney was also criticized for using the slot to promote a Disney film, rather than to show a shorter Pixar production, as is customary. That's what happens when you sell out to the man though.

The backlash must have come as a shock to Disney, since Frozen itself was wildly popular. However, Disney clearly overestimated how much bulls*** people are willing to put up with when they've already paid upwards of $14 for a movie ticket, taken out a second mortgage to pay for concessions, and then sat through 20 minutes of regular advertisements for films before being subjected to an additional twenty minutes of the cartoon Norwegian Jar Jar Binks singing about Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Winter Solstice. Whether or not the backlash is the reason Disney is pulling the film — they haven't commented — people annoyed by the short are celebrating a victory.

Frozen 2 is set to hit theaters in November, 2019, so hopefully people have had enough time by then to forget all about this so that small children demanding to watch the movie 80 gazillion times, never ever tiring of it, don't end up disappointed.

Disney to Pull Beleaguered Frozen Short from Coco Screenings Following Backlash

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