Here Are Eight Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Character Posters To Feast Your Eyes On

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is not too far away at all now, with the film being just two months away. We've seen trailers and footage, as well as a couple posters which focus on the warfare of the film.

Well, I bring you eight new posters, and this time, the focus is instead on the the main characters of the film. To rebels, to robots to bad guys, you can get your look at these beautiful bits of advertising right here. The Deathstar plans projected onto their faces is really quite striking.


los_alamos_character_banner_jyn_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_cassian_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_bodhi_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_droid_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_krennic_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_saw_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_baze_unitedkingdom los_alamos_character_banner_chirrut_unitedkingdom