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Evil Dead: Director Fede Alvarez "Door Still Open for Mia Sequel"

With the emergence of Lee Cronin directing Evil Dead Rise, the next sequel in the Sam Raimi-created franchise, there would be, of course, those who would ask, "What about Fede Alvarez and his 2013 soft reboot that starred Jane Levy?" Well, the director has an update, sort of, as far as those hoping to see Levy's Mia once again. Speaking to, the Don't Breathe 2 writer opened up on what the future might hold for her.

Evil Dead 2013 is scary stuff.
Jane Levy as Mia in Evil Dead (2013). Image courtesy of Sony Pictures

"There is definitely a chance [of a follow-up]," Alvarez said. "The problem is, we have to stop saying 'There is a chance,' because then there's a headline the next day, 'There's a new movie coming!' and, no!' This is what I can tell [you]: [producer] Rob Tapert and [director] Sam Raimi…we're like family. We get together once in a while; we had a great experience making that movie, they gave us a career in this business. We always discuss that, and there was some discussion very early on about a sequel, and we haven't gotten to write it; we never wrote a script, but we knew where it was gonna go and, at that point, for some reason, it didn't happen. And now it went [the Evil Dead Rise] route."

Lucy Lawless, Bruce Campbell,, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ray Santiago in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Image courtesy of Lionsgate
Lucy Lawless, Bruce Campbell, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ray Santiago in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Image courtesy of Lionsgate

The 2013 Evil Dead reboot marked the first time Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams wasn't the main character as it primarily involved a separate doomed group going to the infamous cabin. While the reboot became the franchise's highest-grossing at $99 million as the film embraced its grittier horror roots of the 1981 Raimi original, the next chapter surprisingly didn't expand on Mia's story rather continued the adventures of Campbell's Ash one last time in a TV adaptation called Ash vs. Evil Dead for Starz! In 2015. The series lasted three seasons, with the actor declaring his live-action retirement from the role but maintaining his producing role as he did for the 2013 film and the Cronin sequel with Raimi and Tapert in similar roles.

New Evil Dead film On The Way From Hole In The Ground Director
Ash from Evil Dead

While the TV series never addresses the 2013 film, Alvarez remains optimistic for the stars to align in the future. "I think anything can happen in the world of Evil Dead," he said. "It's such a fascinating world, there's so many fans out there that want to see it, so it will just have to happen that all of us suddenly align in some moment in our lives and we go, 'Wouldn't it be great to do this?' and have the perfect idea. We all gravitate towards that, usually, the perfect story that we all want to go, 'That has not been told before, let's do it.' That's what we need, just to find the story at some point and find the time." With the cancellation of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Levy could possibly sneak in a cameo in Cronin's Rise. Who knows?

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