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Evil Dead 2013 director Fede Alvarez talks alternate endings nobody has ever seen. Credit Sony Pictures

Evil Dead Features Two Endings Nobody Has Ever Seen

Director Fede Alvarez did a tremendous job paying proper homage to the Sam Raimi classic while updating it and making it feel fresh for a new audience and time Evil Dead should be the blueprint always used for these horror remakes While we patiently wait for someone to allow the man to make a sequel,[...]

50 States Of Fright

"50 States of Fright": Sam Raimi's National Nightmare Spawns Quibi Teaser [PREVIEW]

Sam Raimi is at the helm and he's gathered a small army of familiar names to star and direct.It goes right along with Quibi's commitment to producing high-profile, big name shows while keeping episode lengths short and watchable on mobile devices.[caption id="attachment_1178055" align="alignnone" width="2000"] Quibi[/caption]Oh - I almost forgot the best part - they released[...]

Chris Evans and Scott Derrickson Making Thriller 'Bermuda' Together

Weirdly, Bermuda was supposed to be a Sam Raimi film, and he replaced Derrickson on the Doctor Strange sequel How about that? Hollywood is weird sometimes. First seen on The Hollywood Reporter Chris Evans and director Scott Derrickson are teaming up! No no, not for a Marvel film No, for a new thriller film titled Bermuda[...]

Sam Raimi is in Talks to Direct the Doctor Strange Sequel

Sam Raimi is in talks to take over Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness for Marvel Studios The director of the original Spider-Man trilogy would be taking up the reigns after Scott Derrickson left the project in early January after citing "creative differences" Sam Raimi not only directed the first three Spider-Man films, he[...]

“Evil Dead” Returns to Theaters with 4K Remaster and New Score

Another "Evil Dead" Film is Still Happening

During an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit to promote The Grudge, Sam Raimi discussed the future of Evil Dead and gave fans something to look forward to Raimi explained: “Bruce, Rob [Tapert] and I are working with a young filmmaker who is writing a new Evil Dead story that he will direct, as for me… I would[...]

"The Grudge" Introduces a New Poster Following Tradition

"The Grudge" Introduces a New Poster Following Tradition

We're only weeks away from the release of The Grudge — a return to the popular Japanese horror franchise several years after western audiences had last seen the enraged spirit. We've been given several interviews discussing the film and its respect for continuity, footage that shows off the film's spooky atmosphere, and now even poster […]

PG-13 Horror Films That Will Scare Audiences of All Ages

PG-13 Horror Films That Will Scare Audiences of All Ages

The film by Sam Raimi follows a woman who is cursed by a Gypsy that dies shortly after The curse leads to a fight for her life to avoid being sentenced to hell (clearly) and every ounce of horror that occurs is phenomenal.The film left a little to be desired because of the emotional conclusion,[...]

"The Grudge': Have Some Terror With Your Coffee, New Red Band Trailer

"The Grudge': Have Some Terror With Your Coffee, New Red Band Trailer

Watch the new red band trailer now and don’t go alone to theaters January 3.Producer Sam Raimi brings us a twisted new take of the horror classic Directed by Nicolas Pesce, THE GRUDGE stars Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin with Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver. With a screenplay by Nicolas Pesce and a[...]

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

5 Times "The Grudge" Films Delivered Memorable Horror

The Grudge franchise based on the Japanese horror film Ju-On has provided three films with an upcoming fourth installment and there's been plenty of chilling moments from the trilogy. The fourth has already been confirmed to be connected to the 2004 film, and the first official trailer appears to strive for that same level of […]

"The Grudge" Stays True to Kayako in New Poster

"The Grudge" Featurette Shows New Horrors and Connections to the Past

A new featurette with producer Sam Raimi and director Nicolas Pesce shows off some new footage for the film, with a little insight from the creative team behind the epic returning horror title.In the footage, we learn that the connections to the 2004 film go as far as showing the house that started it all,[...]

EVIL DEAD II - On 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack December 11!

"Evil Dead": Sam Raimi Confirms That Another Film Is on the Way

After believing that the franchise could be truly coming to an end, Sam Raimi's Evil Dead could be finding life in the very near future During New York Comic Con, Raimi referenced the current state of the franchise as well as how we could be seeing another chapter to Raimi's Evil Dead and moving forward[...]

The 2020 Film 'The Grudge' Acknowledges A Shared Universe

The 2020 Version of "The Grudge" Acknowledges A Shared Universe

The film starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and went on to receive two sequels in the same universe, becoming a horror underdog that to this day can instill fear in its viewers.The new chapter of The Grudge comes from director Nicolas Pesce with producer and horror veteran Sam Raimi, set in the US with interesting connections[...]

“Evil Dead” Returns to Theaters with 4K Remaster and New Score

"Evil Dead" Returns to Theaters with 4K Remaster and New Score

Get ready to relive Sam Raimi’s 1981 classic Evil Dead remastered in 4K thanks to Grindhouse Releasing with a new reimagined score courtesy of original composer Joseph LoDuca Not only has the score been redone, but also the mixing for an enhanced 5.1 surround sound experience courtesy of Marti Humphrey and Jussi Tegelman, who worked[...]

Bruce Campbell Responds To Mortal Kombat 11 Rumors

Sam Raimi Tinkers New Ideas for "Evil Dead" Film Franchise

Sam Raimi, the mastermind director behind The Evil Dead, is looking for innovative ideas to continue the franchise on film Despite the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead (which Raimi served as producer) on Starz 14 months ago and the subsequent announcement of star Bruce Campbell retiring from the role at least in live-action form,[...]

'Crawl': Watch the Trailer for This Summer's Meg-Like Creature Film

'Crawl': Watch the Trailer for This Summer's The Meg-Like Creature Film

Featuring Barry Pepper and Kaya Scodelario against an army of gators in the middle of a hurricane in Florida, the film is directed by Alexandre Aja and produced by Sam Raimi and Craig Flores Watch the trailer below: a massive hurricane hits her Florida hometown, Haley (Kaya Scodelario) ignores evacuation orders to search for her[...]

Spider-Man - JK Simmons - J Jonah Jameson

J.K. Simmons Reprises J. Jonah Jameson for 'Avengers' Spoof

Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy for Sony, but thanks to Lights, Camera, Pod, we see him come alive again in animated form.Despite the trilogy pre-dating the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the scene asks “What if Jameson exists in the MCU and do during the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame?” encapsulates[...]

Insomniac Games Adds the Maguire Suit to Marvel's Spider-Man

The company has added the Toby Maguire suit, the one from the 2002, 2004, and 2007 Sam Raimi Spider-Man films, looking about as pristine and complete as it can with the raised webbing and spider symbol on the chest.'s a nice addition and a fun nod to all three films, even if they are viewed[...]

Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

[Rumor] Sam Raimi Not Directing Lionsgate's 'Kingkiller Chronicle' Film

A report from an outlet claims that director Sam Raimi is no longer attached to direct Lionsgate's live-action adaptation of Patrick Rothfuss's "Kingkiller Chronicle".[caption id="attachment_929764" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Director Sam RaimiPhoto by Jaguar PS /[/caption]According to, a source informed the outlet that Raimi is no longer set to helm the first film in a planned series[...]