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House of Halloween: Max Unveils Spotlight Page & Curated Collection
Serving as the premier destination for Halloween on Max, the spotlight page separates content into various scare levels, featuring categories such as Sweet Treat, which highlights titles like Coraline, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Halloween Cookie Challenge, Scary, But Not Scary-Scary, which includes HBO's The Last of Us, True Blood, and Lovecraft Country,[...]
Lee Cronin Discusses What Might Come Next for the Evil Dead Franchise
Evil Dead Rise managed to appease the majority of its cult following, appropriately reflected by its box office numbers, Rotten Tomatoes score, and audience approval rating As expected, the film's overall ability to generate new characters and new viewers has naturally led to conversations about the future of Evil Dead, with at least three official[...]
New Evil Dead film On The Way From Hole In The Ground Director
Evil Dead Rise recently pushed the franchise to exciting new heights, with the strongest box office performance of the entire film series so far – plus, the film managed to appease genre fans for its innovative take on a story that's generally rooted in a very similar story centered on Ash (played by Bruce Campbell)[...]
Evil Dead Rise Star Breaks Down the Film's Unique Creature
The cult classic horror franchise Evil Dead has been responsible for several inventive additions to the genre – offering audiences plenty of unique kills, cringe-worthy brutality, and unpredictable deadites So in the new entry Evil Dead Rise, fans already had high expectations in place. Fortunately, by the time the film enters its squeamish final act, the[...]
Evil Dead Rise Director on Potentially Revisiting the Past
film Evil Dead Rise officially acts as the fifth cinematic entry of a popular horror franchise (Evil Dead, obviously), which has already taken fans on quite a few epic adventures throughout its lengthy prior four-film lore. In fact, throughout its previous run, we've come across a few different points in history and two (now three) various[...]
Evil Dead Rise Includes a Cameo That Could Lead to Something Bigger
Evil Dead Rise successfully breathed new life into the long-running horror franchise, which has evolved over time from a small-budget cult classic into an adept universe with plenty of terror to dissect (as seen in films, television series, video game appearances, etc.) Because when you make $40 million during your opening weekend five films into[...]
Why Evil Dead Rise Featured a Different Book of the Dead
Evil Dead Rise has already managed to surpass all expectations with its box office debut, raking in just over $40 million worldwide and proving that a theatrical release was definitely the way to go for Warner Bros So now that the horror film is stepping up to be the next big horror event, we can't[...]
Evil Dead Rise Actor Says the Film's Finale is Complete "Carnage"
The Evil Dead franchise is coming up on its fifth entry and has clearly proven to be a dark horse horror genre property that's rightfully found its place in mainstream pop culture And for having a combined budget of roughly $30 million, with a cumulative box office total of over $150 million, it's pretty safe[...]
Evil Dead Rise Posts First Photo As Halloween Treat
There's no secret how synonymous the Evil Dead franchise has become with director Sam Raimi and actor Bruce Campbell (along with producer Rob Tapert) with their initial claim to fame with the 1981 original horror film The duo would return for two sequels in 1987's Evil Dead II, 1992's Army of Darkness, and the Starz![...]
Evil Dead Rise Posts First Photo As Halloween Treat
Evil Dead has always been known to walk a fine line between being a comedy and horror franchise, often pleasing both audiences for its very physical depiction of genres without ever skipping a beat. In fact, its peculiar balance has proven to be the best asset behind the popular world of Evil Dead, making it something[...]
Evil Dead Rise Star Shares Her Thoughts on Working with Lee Cronin
We're getting so close to the exciting release of Evil Dead Rise, officially making it the franchise's long-awaited return to the big screen for the first time in a decade And while we've seen Evil Dead successfully reanimate through a series and video game in its off-time, there's just something magical about the resurgence of[...]
New Evil Dead film On The Way From Hole In The Ground Director
With Fede Alvarez's 2013 soft reboot of Evil Dead and Lee Cronin's upcoming Evil Dead Rise coming to theaters on April 21st, original director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell have been comfortable sitting on the sidelines as executive producers Even after three seasons of Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz! it seems like Raimi's[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Announces Game Of The Year Edition
Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games confirmed this week that Evil Dead: The Game will be getting a Game Of The Year Edition Players will be able to get their hands on what will essentially be the most comprehensive version of the game released to-date, with all of the DLC and updates added to the[...]
Evil Dead Rise Director Talks Theatrical Release vs Streaming
Evil Dead Rise is just weeks away from its big-screen release, making it the fifth entry of the Evil Dead films and the second attempted pivot for a beloved franchise that's been formatted for both theaters and television When the film was discussed with real traction in 2018, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding its[...]
Evil Dead Rise Writer and Director Talks Excessive Blood Usage
When it comes to anything in relation to the Evil Dead franchise, there absolutely needs to be a few guidelines for filmmakers to follow There must be jump scares There must be tonal shifts There must be a strong lead Lastly, there must be blood So with Evil Dead Rise approaching in just under a[...]
Sam Raimi Still Wants Ash To Return To The Evil Dead Franchise
The Evil Dead franchise has always had a strong audience behind it — typically known to balance some squeamish gore and well-timed humor In fact, the franchise's popularity has even resulted in an upcoming relaunch of the title (the first cinematic chapter of Evil Dead since 2013) that was upgraded from streaming to cinematic format[...]
Evil Dead Rise Posts First Photo As Halloween Treat
Evil Dead has always had the makings of a cult classic franchise, offering tons of content for its prospective audience There have been several films within one canon timeline, a recent video game, Dead By Daylight DLC, a reboot film, and even a Bruce Campbell-focused series to capitalize on an undying love for an outlandish horror[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Launches New Splatter Royale Mode
Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games revealed a new mode for Evil Dead: The Game as they launched Splatter Royale this week The mode lets you pick Deadite versions of any Survivors and Demons from the game, which includes DLC characters and outfits, as you will have to be quick on your feet and to[...]
5 Gruesome Horror Sequels Prepared to Terrorize 2023 (Ranked)
You can guarantee we'll be watching! 2) Evil Dead Rise Evil Dead will always have a soft spot in the hearts of horror lovers for its zany delivery of total chaos and brutality – all while keeping an incomparable energy that really taps into the best of satirical horror without ever going too far Now, after multiple[...]
Wednesday: Bruce Campbell Amused by Evil Dead-Addams Family Crossover
With Wednesday's release from Netflix, one fan put up a meme suggesting that Thing, Wednesday Addams's (Jenna Ortega) loyal sentient stitched hand, could conceivably be the reformed, evil, right hand of Ash (Campbell) from Evil Dead The meme that splits side-by-side images of Thing resting on Wednesday's shoulder and Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead[...]
Evil Dead: The Game
Saber Interactive has launched a new update for Evil Dead: The Game, as players can now get in on the Hail To The King update Going even deeper into the lore of the franchise, the update adds in some single-player action for you to take on, as well as some improvements to multiplayer, new weapons[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Receives 2013 Movie Update
Saber Interactive has dropped a new update for Evil Dead: The Game as players can now add content from the 2013 film Ah, yes The 2013 film in which everyone thought they would relaunch the entire franchise back to making regular films on a much bloodier level, even teasing a sequel with Bruce Campbell in[...]
Lucy Lawless, Bruce Campbell,, Dana DeLorenzo, and Ray Santiago in Ash vs. Evil Dead. Image courtesy of Lionsgate
When Starz brought back the Evil Dead franchise in the TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead in 2015, fans certainly rejoiced seeing star Bruce Campbell don the chainsaw once more Sadly, the series would be canceled after three seasons, and Campbell announced his live-action retirement from the role citing that his 64-year-old body is no[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Receives The Army Of Darkness Update
Saber Interactive has released a brand new update for Evil Dead: The Game as you can now experience the Army Of Darkness This is the first major content update for the game as it introduces several new elements including a new map to fight on You will be headed to the classic Castle Kandar, the[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Shows Off First Major Gameplay Trailer
Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have released two new songs this week for their upcoming cooperative horror title Evil Dead: The Game The first of the two tracks is simply the main theme of the game, which was written by Joe LoDuca alongside the game's composer, Steve Molitz, who also serves as the Music Director[...]
Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell & Smosh
With the smooth voice of Bruce Campbell describing the shades of blood in the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game, Smosh's Spencer Agnew along with those who worked on the game, preview what to expect The recently uploaded video to Smosh's YouTube channel, Smosh Games, also included an appearance from Andy Campbell, Swiftor, Greg Miller, and one of[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Releases Bruce Campbell Preview Video
Saber Interactive released a new video today for Evil Dead: The Game in which Bruce Campbell himself previews the action This is basically a chance to hear Ash himself play as himself with a ton of hilarious commentary from Bruce, his son Andy Campbell, and several fans of the franchise playing the game together[...]
Evil Dead 2013 is scary stuff.
For many fans of the Evil Dead franchise, the 2013 remake, directed by Fede Alvarez and starring Jane Levy, was as warmly received as the 1981 Sam Raimi original that starred Bruce Campbell As the latter two would produce two theatrical sequels in 1987's Evil Dead II and 1992's Army of Darkness; and a 2015[...]
New Evil Dead film On The Way From Hole In The Ground Director
It's not a bad time to be an Evil Dead fan With a (widely) hyped video game coming soon, the 25th anniversary of Evil Dead 2, and the news that the franchise will soon live on, there's a lot to content to soak in More recently, the next film's director Lee Cronin shared an exciting update[...]
Evil Dead: The Game Releases Kandarian Demon Trailer
Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have released a new trailer for Evil Dead: The Game, this time showing off the Kandarian Demon Voiced by Bruce Campbell, this one shows what it's like to essentially be the villain in the title, as you will be going after the heroes you are trying to kill and[...]