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Final Destination Creator Confirms Another Film is Coming

Final Destination (also known as the franchise that heightened my paranoia) has been a dormant franchise for nine years, and it's about time we see another film.

What began as a film that seemingly rebelled against fate, a group of teens was saved by a vision of their impending deaths. The act of escaping their intended death essentially irked "fate" and their deaths came shortly after, with an unpredictable chain of events that often ended in a grisly demise. The film ultimately led to a total of five installments, taking highways, rollercoasters, race tracks, and a bridge, making them focal points for disaster.

final destination
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The franchise has toyed around with talks of other installments (like a first responders version of the film), and now, the film's original creator Jeffrey Reddick has opened up about where the future of Final Destination lies. He tells Cultured Vultures, "Yeah, there will be another Final Destination. They were talking about it before COVID, about developing it, and then COVID hit. The Final Destination films are always shot with a lot of set pieces and big crowds, so you can't make like a Blumhouse Final Destination. It's such a massive undertaking that they've kind of put a pin in it. But yes, there will be another Final Destination."

The confirmation alone is very exciting to fans of the niche horror franchise that operates in the bizarre and unexplainable. With Halloween, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Hellraiser all returning, it makes perfect sense to continue to trend and revive the franchise — but modified for modern audiences (let's just not make this a film for the casual moviegoers either though, ya know?)

What are your thoughts on Reddick's statement confirming the return of the franchise? Would you like to see another Final Destination movie in the future?

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