First Details of Disney's Streaming Service Emerge, Include New Marvel and Star Wars Live Action Series

The Disney streaming service has been looming over all of our heads for months now, and people have been wondering what it was going to be like. What about the Marvel Netflix series? How much is going to cost? What kind of programming are they planning. We've been getting some details but nothing concrete until today. Deadline has a report that details what we can expect from the streaming service.

 The OTT platform, whose price point wasn't mentioned, will start with a domestic service only, and then expand overseas. There will be no R-rated films, and the programming will be consistent with the Disney brand. The R-rated stuff will go on Hulu. The plan now is to leave the various Marvel series where they are, which means Netflix will hang onto its superhero inventory.


That is good news for Marvel Netflix fans, but there don't appear to be any details about whether or not they can negotiate to add more shows to the slate. Everything else that doesn't fit into the Disney brand is going to jump over to Hulu. That means parents can trust their kids with the service and not have to worry about little Timmy finding the R-rated Moon Knight series.

Deadline also got wind of some of the movie projects we can expect from this service.

Don Quixote, from a Billy Ray script; Lady and the Tramp; The Paper Magician; Stargirl, to be directed by Julia Hart; and Togo, to be directed by Ericson Core. In post-production and bound for the streaming service are the Mark Waters-directed Magic Camp, and the Mark Lawrence-directed Noelle with Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader and Shirley MacLaine. Priority development projects include 3 Men and a Baby; Sword and the Stone; and Timmy Failure, the latter of which has Spotlight director Tom McCarthy in the creative mix.

As for TV, we don't know anything more about that but they seem to be covering a large slate so they can grab all the audiences.

On the TV side the inaugural streaming site slate includes High School Musical, an animated Monsters Inc series; a Marvel live-action title, and a Star Wars-branded title.

Monsters, Inc brings in the kids, High School Musical for the teenagers, and we all know Star Wars and Marvel fans will watch all the series. There is still a very good chance the streaming service is where the New Warriors series is going to end up.

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