Free! The Final Stroke Anime Film Gets New Visual Teaser Trailer

For fans of the popular sports anime Free!, the swimming-centric property is coming to a cinematic conclusion soon – and now we have a look at what to expect (well, maybe).

Back in 2013, Free! debuted to a loving, inclusive, romance-shipping audience that embraced its combination of swimming with interpersonal relationships. It went on to earn itself three seasons (an impressive achievement for any anime) and, including the upcoming two-parter separately, five films in total.

Free! The Final Stroke Anime Film Gets New Visual Teaser Trailer
Photo Credit: Free! The Final Stroke – Kyoto Animation


People have become attached to the stories of Haru, Makoto, and the other passionate athletes of Free!, which has really played a vital role in the property's longevity for nearly nine years by the time it concludes its run. With the first of the two-part film titled Free! The Final Stroke is officially out in Japan; we've now received a small teaser for the next installment set for 2022.

In the trailer, we see flashbacks of the crew's origins – both with swimming and each other – establishing a real sense of finality with this Free! story. We then see the stakes of this new chapter for Haru and company, showcasing the various changes that have taken place since their high school swim team days and advancements in their individual endeavors.

After being previously postponed due to the tragic arson attack at Kyoto Animation's main office, getting to see Free! live on is a real treat and unexpected gift after such a difficult hardship for the beloved company. Additionally, so many fans feel as if they've grown up with these swimmers, which has proven to be a unique experience – so there will obviously be a lot of extra love and deserved respect for Free! The Final Stroke when part two is released next year on April 22, 2022.

Are you ready for the concluding chapter of Kyoto's Free! franchise?

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