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Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus On Kickstarter, Read Full 1st Issue Free
The Atomika: God Is Red Omnibus Edition features more than 75 pages of new art, including work by Simone Bianchi, Simon Bisley, Tim Bradstreet, Claudio Castellini, Travis Charest, Gene Colan, Glenn Fabry, Gary Gianni, David Mack, Angel Medina, Eddy Newell, Alex Nino, Lucio Parrillo, Eric Powell, John Romita Sr., Steve Rude, Arthur Suydam, and Michael[...]
Free! The Final Stroke Anime Film Gets New Visual Teaser Trailer
For fans of the popular sports anime Free!, the swimming-centric property is coming to a cinematic conclusion soon – and now we have a look at what to expect (well, maybe). Back in 2013, Free! debuted to a loving, inclusive, romance-shipping audience that embraced its combination of swimming with interpersonal relationships It went on to earn[...]
Happy Hour
And as an exclusive treat for you lucky, lucky Bleeding Cool readers, you get to read the entire first issue, from cover to letters page, soup to nuts, for free Legally No pirating, substacks or accidental ComiXology releases necessary, The Happy Hour collection by Peter Milligan and Michael Montenant will collect the timely series that SyFy[...]
The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Games For 15 Days
The Epic Games Store is looking to give you a little holiday cheer that will make any gamer happy with 15 days of free games on their platform The company is offering up a free game every 24 hours, starting today with Cities: Skylines But once the 24 hours are up, the game goes back[...]
Read Hundreds Of DC Comics Digitally Free Including Milestone Returns
As promised, DC Comics has made hundreds of their comic books available free, digitally, on the DC Comics Reader for the length of DC Fandome So you have about, twenty hours left. Read Hundreds Of DC Comics Digitally Free Including Milestone Returns That includes full graphic novels like Kami Garcia's Teen Titans: Raven Collections like the first[...]
DC Will Have 200 Free Comics To Read During DC Fandome Next Weekend
But we also noted that DC will be making over two hundred of their comic books available for reading, free, but just for the period of DC Fandome which will run from Saturday August 22nd from 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST for twenty-four hours, until Sunday August 22nd from 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm BST[...]
But it was fun to do anyway, and Dark Horse's free graphic novels and collections were eating up the charts So a quick name change may be necessary for this semi-regular feature, highlighting what may appear to be accidental deals but are probably promotional pushes Especially on Amazon, where people have sometimes picked up absolute[...]
At the time I remember thinking to myself, "I can get this done in two years, not a problem." Digital Version of Fantasy Graphic Novel, Fae Archaic, Now Free Courtesy of Kirk Trik. Those two years came and went, and the project wasn't even halfway done Either out of stubbornness or delusion I kept at it, making[...]
aria masterpiece
They state that they will "delay the print release of our upcoming titles originally scheduled for release in April and May of 2020." However, they will be accelerating digital releases, outsourcing work to freelancers, and looking to resume printing and releasing as soon as possible They state "we do not anticipate having to delay the[...]
Dave Sim, Benjamin Hobbs et al are creating a free, Coronavirus special digital-first edition of Cerebus In Hell, dubbed Crisis In Infinite Quarantine #1. (To be read in your BEST internal Rod Serling Monologue') Submitted for your amusement, one Benjamin Hobbs, artist for Cerebus In Hell?, locked in his home by a global pandemic of Biblical[...]
Auto Draft
Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics, Ankeny, Iowa writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. In previous columns, I have written about not having Free Comic Book Day About having something else instead Changing things up Being unique and different is a large part of why Rodman Comics is still open When we first opened, we did[...]
33 Confirmed Dead in Kyoto Animation Office Arson Attack
The company's head office, 2nd Studio building, Tokyo office and Animation DO office are at other locations. Kyoto Animation/Netflix The studio was at work on an animated movie of Free!, about a high school swim team Its release has been suspended indefinitely. Anime fans and colleagues in Japan and abroad posted messages of grief and condolences on social[...]
Free Pins and Posters From ComiXology at San Diego Comic-Con 2019
ComiXology, the digital comics publisher/distributor have a limited edition print run collections of a number of their usually-digital-exclusive comics, as well as free pins for 2019 as well The ComiXology Originals 2019 Pin Set featuring five enamel pins that spotlight Durn from Stone Star, the "odd goat" from Delver, Bear from The Pride, the comiXology Originals logo,[...]
Marvel Promotes Reading Digital With Free Return of Wolverine #1 Director's Cut
Not content with milking Wolverine's return for three one-shots, multiple post-credit scenes in the back of unrelated titles, and four four-issue mini-series, Marvel is also going to release a Director's Cut of Return of Wolverine #1. But in a surprising move, Marvel will give away the director's cut for free, at least to readers who purchased[...]