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GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes Details From CCPX 2020 Panel

GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes was supposed to release in October, but instead was moved to 2021 because of the pandemic. A soft relaunch of the franchise on the big screen, Henry Golding is the man behind the mask in this version, playing the most popular Joe there is. He took part in a panel during this weekend's CCPX event with GI Joe stalwart Larry Hama talking about what to expect from the film and how his relationship with Storm Shadow will play a huge role.

Snake Eyes will be followed up by a new G.I. Joe film. Credit Paramount
Snake Eyes will be followed up by a new G.I. Joe film. Credit Paramount

GI Joe Origins: Snake Eyes Has A Shot To Surprise

"What fans can kind of expect from Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins is the origin of Snake Eyes. You see his weaknesses; you see his faults, you see him trying to make amends for decisions that perhaps weren't as savory as you would imagine. You see a bond between brothers; you see the thrill of creating a team and defeating the hurdles in front of you. And you get to really see some damn cool fight scenes, which trained and got our asses kicked for, and they were phenomenal."

Added Larry Hama: "You have to make it clear to the fans that that's the thing that makes this different than the other iterations, how these martial arts scenes are so central to the whole fabric of the story. In the other iterations, they were secondary. There was lots of vehicles and explosions and all these things, and the thing about having it be central to the martial arts experience and the conflict is that it brings it all down to the characters, and the characters are the only thing you really care about. I think that's an important thing that potential viewers of this film should know about."

GI Joe fans should be pretty excited about all of this. The first film was ehh, but that second one, Retaliation, was a vast improvement. Why it took so long for them to get something else Joe onscreen is a head-scratcher, but now that it is done, let's hope they really nailed the tone and fight scenes for the GI Joe experience we are all craving.

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