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Stephen Colbert Has Never Seen Goonies, Shocking Josh Brolin

Stephen Colbert recently had Josh Brolin on his show, when he admitted that he never saw one of the actor's most beloved films: Goonies. The revelation was a part of his segment "The Colbert Questionert". When he asked Brolin what he thinks happens after we die, an audience member shouted "Goonies never say die!" and Colbert admitted he has never seen it, saying he is a little too old. Brolin responded by saying there is never too old for Goonies and that it is generational. He then couldn't let it go, and that led to more films Colbert hasn't seen. You can see the segment below.

Goonies Sucks. There I Said It.

Fast and the Furious shaming aside, Colbert is right. I also never saw Goonies until I was way into my twenties. And I have to say, I hated it. Every single thing about it. It was boring, I didn't like any of the actors, and it felt like it was about ten hours long. I understand that I am way in the minority on this one, but for people like me and Stephen, we were just too old for it. There was no sense of discovery like we may have had if we watched it when we were younger. You know how I know that? One of my favorite films is The Monster Squad, and THAT I saw when I was about 7 years old. Same type of film, but I can recite the whole movie for you on command, just like most can with Goonies.

Stephen Colbert Has Never Seen Goonies, Shocking Josh Brolin
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It is a generational film, like Brolin said. You gotta watch it for the first time when you are young, however, or the boat will be missed. Do you have any films that are beloved that you cannot stand, or don't understand why they are beloved? Let us know below.

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