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Stephen Colbert Has Never Seen Goonies, Shocking Josh Brolin
Stephen Colbert recently had Josh Brolin on his show, when he admitted that he never saw one of the actor's most beloved films: Goonies The revelation was a part of his segment "The Colbert Questionert" When he asked Brolin what he thinks happens after we die, an audience member shouted "Goonies never say die!" and[...]
Superman Meet The Goonies
Or instead 1985 takes a trip to Metropolis. Are those The Goonies? Seven years before their 1985 movie appearance? And placing The Goonies in the same movie universe as Superman? Richard Donner made both movies, and it's a way to honour the impact that Donner made on the public awareness of the character, especially in a[...]
Crack Open New Funko Soda From the Matrix to the Goonies
There are seven new cans coming with the newest wave of incoming Soda Vinyls consisting of: Energizer – Energizer Bunny –  18,000 Limited Edition – Silver Metallic Chase Variant (Specialty Series Exclusive) Pan Am – Pan Am Stewardess – 10,000 Limited Edition – Red Haired Chase Variant DC Comics – Bat-Mite – 10,000 Limited Edition – Black and[...]
Goonies Fans Take Note – Script Reading Tonight With Jonah Hill And Felicia Day
As part of a 48-hour-long live edition of The Movie Crypt podcast, which is hosted by filmmakers Adam Green (Hatchet) and Joe Lynch (Everly), there will be a reading of Christopher Columbus' script for the Goonies Participating in the reading will be Jonah Hill, Felicia Day, Joel David Moore, Michael Gladis and more. The reading begins at Aug[...]
All The Dark Horse Comics SDCC '15 Exclusives – Game Of Thrones To Groo To The Goon To The Goonies
Conan San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Hardcover Edition $30.00 Limited Edition of 300 5 per person per day The Goonies 30th Anniversary San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Print by Eric Powell $20.00 Limited of 1,500 5 per person per day Prometheus: Fire and Stone Slipcase – Convention Exclusive $50.00 Limited Edition of 500 5 per person per day Elfquest: The Final Quest Hardcover – Convention Exclusive $30.00 Limited Edition of 1,000 5[...]
Piecing Together A New Image Comic For October – Goners Is 'Goonies Meet Hellboy'
New series Goners is, coming out in October.   And this is what it's all about. A world famous family of paranormal detectives are systematically hunted by the very horrors they investigate. It's The Goonies meets Hellboy, as the Latimer Family–a centuries old familial line of paranormal hunters–find themselves at the bottom of the supernatural food chain. Endlessly pursued and with[...]