Grant Gustin Will Kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. in New Film

Grant Gustin has joined the new film Operation Blue Eyes, a film bout the kidnapping of Frank Sinatra Jr.'s son in 1963. Gustin will play Barry Keenan, who orchestrated the entire kidnapping. Actor Joe Mantega will direct the film from a script by Bradley Barth and Joseph Nasser.

Grant Gustin Will Kidnap Frank Sinatra Jr. in New Film
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The plot takes place in December of 1963 when Frank Sinatra Jr. is a struggling lounge singer, deep in his father's shadow. A young wannabe stock tycoon Barry Keenan, with an ex-wife, alimony payments, a pill-addicted mother, and a similar monkey on his own back (the result of a car crash), comes up with a harebrained scheme to kidnap Junior and hold him for $240,000, ransom, chaos ensues. Barry succeeds in stealing Junior at gunpoint but after that, it's one badly improvised move after another, until Barry bungles his way into prison.

Another film based on this situation was released in 2003 starring David Arquette, William H. Macy, and James Russo titled Stealing Sinatra in 2003. This one will surely have a bit more gravitas than that one. This will be an interesting departure for Grant Gustin from The Flash, and a welcome one. He is very talented, and it wil lbe nice to see him outside the Scarlet Speedster's suit.

The film is set to go in front of cameras in May.

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