James Gunn Reveals Even Vin Diesel Not Immune From Jumping The Gunn


Jumping The Gunn is a recurring feature here on Bleeding Cool describing the phenomenon wherein anything Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn communicates via social media can be turned into a clickbait article that will run on every entertainment news site on the planet without even a hint of self-awareness. But Jumping The Gunn isn't restricted just to superhero movie news, it seems, nor are "journalists" its only victims. On Facebook, Gunn told a story about his friend Vin Diesel, and how Diesel himself Jumped The Gunn after something "Gunn" said to him via text:

This Thanksgiving Vin called my producer Simon and told him I contacted him wasted and suicidal in Las Vegas, and Vin was chartering a private jet to come get me. He had also contacted Zoe Saldana, eliciting her help in this altruistic endeavor.

Simon was worried. Sure, I could get grumpy at times, but I didn't seem suicidal. However, I had been sober for many years, and if I was drinking or on drugs, who knows what trouble I could have gotten into.

But, just to be sure, he decided to call me and check Vin was right before driving over to the airport and joining this A-Team-of-saving-drunken-despondent-directors.

"What's up?" I answered the phone.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"In Pasadena, like I'm told you," I said. I was spending the day at a hotel with my girlfriend, since I hadn't had a day off in months.

Simon started laughing, and told me what Vin had said. He told me I better call Vin immediately because he was freaking out. Which I did.

So what happened was I had recently changed phone numbers. I had texted Vin the new number, but it seemed he didn't put it in his phone. He texted my old number wishing me a happy Thanksgiving, and I guess whoever had that phone was either drunk and suicidal, or, more likely, messing with the perpetrator of probably the thousandth text meant for me. When Vin texted him, he told him he was messed up in the middle of Vegas, all alone on Thanksgiving, and he didn't know what he was going to do to himself.

"Vin, I need help," he told him.

So, Vin, in Diesel mode, found out where he was, chartered a plane, and started putting a rescue team in action, including Simon and Zoe, to come save my life.

He was, of course, relieved that I was chilling in Pasadena and everything was cool.

But the point is I have a friend willing to leave his family on Thanksgiving to come save my drunken ass. It's the kind of help I hope I never need, but it's nice to know it's there. So the least I can do is go check out his new movie. I hope you do as well.

Gunn's story goes to show not only how dangerous it can be when the power behind Jumping The Gunn falls into the wrong hands, but also the awesome responsibility which James Gunn holds in his hands every day, knowing that there are millions of people out there, hanging onto his every word, forever on the verge of Jumping The Gunn.

The Fate Of The Furious is in theaters now. James Gunn is not in Las Vegas, and he doesn't need your help.

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