Lena Headey Isn't Necessarily Opposed To Playing Catwoman, Therefore She Is Now Rumored To Play Catwoman


Game of Thrones star Lena Headey has now supplanted Haley Bennett as the leading actress to play Catwoman in the DC Cinematic Universe. Bennett was rumored for the role earlier this week because she posted a picture of Catwoman on her Instagram page, followed by a picture of herself with a haircut that resembles Catwoman alter-ego Selina Kyle. While normally either a photo of a superhero on social media or a haircut resembling a comic book character, each on their own, is good enough to make the 24 hour entertainment news cycle in a clickbait casting rumor article, Lena Headey has totally one-upped her by answering a random fan question about playing Catwoman with an answer that indicates she is not opposed to playing Catwoman, even though there is no indication she has been offered or is in any way pursuing the role.


Catwoman is expected to appear in Gotham City Sirens, the Suicide Squad spinoff being developed by Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie and Suicide Squad director David Ayer. Currently, these tweets are the most solid info that we have on who might be in the running for the part, so even though they mean next to nothing, that is more than nothing at all, which is fair game for clicks.

We will continue to monitor the social media feeds of all actresses that could conceivably portray Catwoman in a feature film, and keep you updated on this developing situation.


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