Magic Mike 3 Director Says a 30 Minute Dance Sequence Ends the Film

The 2015 film Magic Mike starring Channing Tatum, became a cinematic pop culture moment as what one could essentially boil down to being a dramatized cinematic Chippendales story, having earned a sequel. Yes, both were profitable, and yes, a third film is obviously on the way, though as it's been said – this is actually aiming to be the final installment of the Tatum-led Magic Mike narrative.

So, in case you're now curious about how a final Magic Mike film intends to conclude its dance-centric story after three successful chapters, look no further. Director Steven Soderbergh has offered a little more insight into an epic dance number that's, in ways, the driving force behind Magic Mike's Last Dance. In a new interview with Soderbergh via Empire, the returning director teased, "We have this dance number with Channing and [Salma Hayek] right up front. And then the last 30-plus minutes of the movie are just this giant dance sequence."

Magic Mike 3 Director Says a 30 Minute Dance Sequence Ends the Film
Magic Mike XXL – Warner Bros.

The Magic Mike filmmaker then chooses to further dive into the complications of making this ambitious finale work for the last entry, adding, "My job is, how do I make each one of these distinct? I can't shoot them all the same way; I have to come up with a different approach for each dance. That was really the challenge. We're staging all the sequences in this lovely old theatre, the Clapham Grand," Soderbergh says about the South-London location before positively reflecting on the film's end result. "That was fun; there's not a bad angle to be had in that place."

Confirmed Cast and Release Date

Magic Mike's Last Dance stars Tatum, Hayek, Ayub Khan Din, Jemelia George, Juliette Motamed, Vicki Pepperdine, Gavin Spokes, Caitlin Gerard, and Christopher Bencomo with a theatrical release from Warner Bros. slated for February 10, 2023.

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