Steven Soderbergh Teases a Change in Magic Mike's Last Dance

Magic Mike has been performing for over a decade (debuting back in 2012), and soon enough, the unexpected franchise will come to take its final bow with Magic Mike's Last Dance.

The first film was released starring (and produced by) Channing Tatum, whose life loosely mirrored his experience as a male stripper. The film was received exceptionally well on all accounts, earning a still well-received sequel (Magic Mike XXL) and a substantial profit of nearly $300 million in the box office between the two films so far, making another follow-up very feasible.

Magic Mike's Last Dance On The Way To HBO Max- tatum, Soderbergh Back
Magic Mike. Credit WB

With the new film confirmed to end the cinematic franchise, people are curious to see where the next movie might be going – even while promoting a totally different title. While talking about the upcoming title KIMI, Collider reported that director Steven Soderbergh (the director of each installment) eventually responded to the topic of Magic Mike 3 and where things are potentially headed for the titular character.

Soderbergh shared, "The third [movie] is the sort of apex of everything that we've been talking about in that area. Not just taking the dancing to another level, but really getting into the relationship aspect that's – that's been an undercurrent in all of the films. Like, Mike has a full-on relationship that's at the center of this movie, while all this stuff is going on, and we haven't done that before."

As fans of the films may have noticed, the two worlds haven't historically mixed to the best results, which makes this last chapter bigger in terms of character stakes – and the hype surrounding franchise finality. As of now, Magic Mike's Last Dance hasn't revealed any specific plot details (aside from the obvious title insinuation), and a release date hasn't been announced.

Magic Mike's Last Dance is expected to drop exclusively on the expansive streaming service HBO Max.

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