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Image Comics Series Nailbiter Should Be The New Hot Film Series

Nailbiter began coming out from Image Comics in 2014. The series, by Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson, ran for 30 regular issues and one special. It focused on the town of Buckaroo, Oregon, the birthplace of sixteen of the world's most notorious serial killers. One such killer, and the latest to be named and captured, is one Edward Charles Warren, aka The Nailbiter, who got his name for chewing the fingernails of his victims off. The series follows an FBI agent, and the local sheriff from Buckaroo tries to capture the Nailbiter after escaping while unlocking the mysteries of the town. It is an immensely satisfying read and one of the better horror comics that has hit the racks in the last decade. I would even say it's one of the best horror anything in the previous decade, film, tv, anything. It is even coming back in June with a sequel series.

Nailbiter #1 cover. Art by Mike Henderson
Nailbiter #1 cover. Art by Mike Henderson

Nailbiter Could Go The Conjuring Route

While most would say the easy route to take with a property like this would be a television series, I say nay. A mid-budget film series would o the film justice and allow the series to breathe. A good road for Nailbiter to travel would be to walk the path of The Conjuring series. The first film could follow the story of Charles Warren and slowly weave in the mysteries of the other killers from Buckaroo. Then, spin-off films can each focus on the history of the town itself through the eyes of each killer. Boom, a horror franchise, is born. Slasher fans, thriller fans, the whole community would be there to support it.

The obvious answer to produce them would be Blumhouse, as they can turn a small budget into huge profit without sacrificing quality. It would just be exciting to see a horror comic like Nailbiter get the spotlight shown onto it and spin-off into a live-action story. The character work Williamson did and the visuals created by Henderson deserve a ton of respect and could be something really special on the big screen.

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