Josh Williamson

Nailbiter #1 cover. Art by Mike Henderson

Image Comics Series Nailbiter Should Be The New Hot Film Series

Nailbiter began coming out from Image Comics in 2014. The series, by Josh Williamson and Mike Henderson, ran for 30 regular issues and one special. It focused on the town of Buckaroo, Oregon, the birthplace of sixteen of the world's most notorious serial killers. One such killer, and the latest to be named and captured, […]

Skybound Galactic, Sony Pictures TV Developing Image Comics' Thief of Thieves, Nailbiter TV Series

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment continues building beyond the Walking Dead universe with Skybound Galactic, which will focus on financing and developing scripted television series and projects. Partnering with indie studio Sony Pictures TV and led by Rick Jacobs (Dirk Gentl), Skybound Galactic will create and develop projects financed by Sony, with the studio selling […]

Image Comics: I Is For Ideas Panel – SDCC 2014

David Dissanayake writes for Bleeding Cool: Welcome to Image Comics' fourth panel of the weekend, I is for Ideas, moderated by David Brothers, featuring Scott Snyder, Brian K. Vaughan, Joe Kelly, Kyle Higgins, Becky Cloonan, Ivan Brandon, Jeff Lemire, and Josh Williamson. Josh Williamson will be having BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS guesting as a character in Nailbiter as an author coming to […]

Dark Horse, Rewriting The Classics: Modern Sci-Fi in Comics

Alejandra Bodden writes; Dark Horse publicist Aub Driver and Scott Allie (Editor in-chief) were joined by Mac Walters (MASS EFFECT), Tommy Lee Edwards (VANDROID), Josh Williamson (PREDATOR new series), Chris Schlerf (HALO), Tomm Coker & Torfi Frans Olafsson (CCP and EVE Online Universe). First, Driver went over MASS EFFECT FOUNDATION, showing us two new covers […]

Monkeybrain – A Digital Image Comics For The Twenty-First Century

Today, it's been announced that Chris Roberson and Allison Baker are launching a new comic book publisher, Monkeybrain Comics, exclusively through comiXology. Creators for the new publisher, as well as Chris Roberson of course, include Grace Allison, Nick Brokenshire, J. Bone, Chad Bowers, Wook-Jin Clark, Colleen Coover, Kevin Church, Dennis Culver, Matt Digges, Ming Doyle, […]