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New Visual Teaser For Anime Godzilla Movie Released

Polygon Picture's upcoming take on the long running Toho franchise–Godzilla–has released a second visual teaser and a plot summary as well. Godzilla: Monster World will take place 20,000 in the future. Godzilla and other monsters rule the planet, but human protagonist Haruo vows to take the planet back. So far I'm getting a Planet of the Apes vibe from it, and with the tagline "I will definitely take this planet back" I am fully expecting some serious apes–er–monsters fighting humans.

The plot for the movie is as follows:

"The last summer of the 20th century. On that day, the human race realized that they were not the only

ruler of the planet earth.


The emergence of gigantic monsters "kaiju" and the ultimate existence that even can destroy the kaijus,

Godzilla. After half-century of the war against the kaijus, the human race repeatedly defeated and decided

to escape from the earth. Then finally in the year 2048, only people who were chosen by the artificial

intelligence under the control of the central government went on board the interstellar immigrant ship

Aratrum and left for the "Cetus: Planet Tau e" which was 11.9 light years away from the earth. But

the environmental condition difference between the earth and Tau e, which took 20 years to reach, was

far exceeded the predicted value, and there was no way to survive for the human race.


A young man named Haruo is on board of the immigrant ship. His parents were killed by Godzilla right

front of him when he was 4, since then, he has been thinking about only going back to the earth and

killing Godzilla for 20 years. Since there is no hope for immigration to other planets, the "Return to the

Earth" group including Haruo becomes the mainstream in the ship as its living condition is getting worse,

then they decide to try the long distance hyperspace navigation.


However, 20,000 years have already passed when they finally arrive the earth, and it becomes a totally

unknown world dominated by an ecosystem topped by Godzilla. Can the human race take the earth back,

and the fate of Haruo will be…?"

The movie hits theaters in Japan this November, and Netflix has already acquired the distribution rights to the film.

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