Paul Walker's Brothers Want His Character Back in the Fast and Furious Movies

Five years ago actor Paul Walker suffered a devastating car crash that took his life and the life of his friend. They were only part of the way through filming the latest Fast and Furious movie at the time, so Paul's brothers, Cody Walker and Caleb Walker, stepped in to help them finish the movie. They superimposed Paul's face on his two brothers, and that final scene in Furious 7 is one of the scenes they shot after Paul's death.

Caleb and Cody recently spoke to the AP to help promote the documentary I Am Paul Walker, saying:

"I just hope we get to — I don't know — have a little cameo and bring Paul back to save the day and I get to help create that again," Caleb Walker, 40, said in an interview last week. "That's my dream and I hope we get to do that in one of the future movies."

Paul Walker's Brothers Want His Character Back in the Fast and Furious Movies

There are two more confirmed entries in the Fast and Furious series, with the 10th one planned to wrap the series up. That seems like it might be a good time to bring Paul's character back for one more scene.

"I think there could potentially be a way to do it. But it would take a lot of thought and it'd have to be tasteful. It would have to be tasteful," Cody Walker, 30, said in the interview. "He was the real deal, the real car guy. And in his absence, I — you know — I think it's lost its way in a big way."

Cody and Caleb admit that they haven't watched Furious 7 since the movie came out, but they want to wait until their kids are a little older before they see it.

"It's kind of creepy sometimes when you're like, 'Oh, that's me.' It doesn't feel right," Caleb Walker said. "I think one day, when our kids are little older and we are able to share that experience with them and be like, 'Hey look, this is your uncle Paul. He was the greatest guy in the world and here we are being able to portray him and finish up this movie for him.' That's when I think it will really hit that I think it was really worth it and special and all that. But in the meantime, it's still a little conflicted."

The idea of bringing characters back after the actors have passed is becoming much more common as technology advances. The character that Paul played in the series is still alive in the canon, so maybe one more goodbye when the series well and truly ends isn't a bad idea. It's nice that Caleb and Cody would be willing to get up there and play their brother again as one last sendoff to the role that helped define a career that ended far too soon.

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