Revolution Flat, Hannibal Troughing, Scandal Peaking – The Week In TV Ratings


On Monday, The Following rose up to a 2.4, which highlights the shaky-ground that any hit network drama might be on now. After looking wobbly with a series-low last week, the drama seems in much better shape as it airs its penultimate episode.

Also rising up, Castle scored a 2.2, maintaining a massive overall audience at 11 million. On the other end of the spectrum, hitting similar demo numbers but with a much weaker overall shape was Revolution on NBC.

Overall audiences don't count for much, and again and again, shows with large overall audiences get canned due to lack of the important demo, but it's notable here. Revolution garnered an audience of around 6 million. Larger-than-life shows like Revolution often need similarly large numbers in both demo and audience to survive, and while it could be doing a lot worse, having such an average number for an important show isn't promising for the future.

Hart of Dixie, now renewed for a third season, hit a series low on Tuesday at a 0.4. Meanwhile, NCIS on CBS did a solid 2.7, and its spinoff NCIS: LAscored a 2.6.

On ABC, freshmen hit How To Live With Your Parents drastically fell again to a 1.5 on Wednesday. However, unlike its previous outings, it lost some of its Modern Family lead-in, with Family coming in at 1.8. Over on The CW, both Supernatural and Arrow stayed more or less around their average, at 1.0.

A quiet couple nights, for the most part, but then Thursday brought more weight, as all of the nets aired originals. Unfortunately for CBS, this didn't bring great numbers all round, with every show receiving a series low.

First up, The Big Bang Theory aired, losing a full rating point, to a 4.2. Similarly, Two And A Half Men also got a series low at 2.8. In the 9PM and 10PM drama hours, Person Of Interest got a 2.4 and Elementary hit a low 2.0.

Amusingly, this was the week NBC finally had something in common with CBS – though not for the best of reasons – because NBC also had a night rich in lows. Community tied its series low once again at 1.0, Parks And Recreation hit a season low at 1.3 and Hannibal… oh, Hannibal. The drama fell hard to a 1.0.

In Shonda Rhimes news, Grey's Anatomy earned a 2.7, while Scandal matched its series high at 2.8 at ABC.

The Vampire Diaries aired a backdoor pilot for its recently picked-up spinoff, The Originals, scoring a 0.9.

A double feature of Happy Endings on Friday scored a poor, but now expected, 0.5 and 0.6 respectively. The season finale is airing next week, and the show is probably too far gone for a come back. I'm leeping my fingers crossed for a USA network pickup if ABC throws in the towel for this ridiculously funny cult comedy.

On SaturdaySmash sung low, sweet chariot, maintaining its series floor of 0.4.

And then a busy night on Sunday had ABC's Once Upon A Time scoring another series low, this time at 2.0, while Revenge hit a solid 1.7. Also earning a low was the very much gone, gone, gone Red Widow at 10PM, hitting just 0.7.

Over on CBS, the acclaimed season finale of The Good Wife scored a 1.6, which is a number that I guess CBS can live with on Sunday nights right now. The Mentalist also detected a 1.5 rating. Nothing special there.

See you next week, with more ratings and stuff.

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