Rise of the Mutants: Joe Canahan To Write X-Force, Possibly With Ryan Reynolds

With the recent critical and box office success of Deadpool still fresh in mind, and the current critical and box office success of Logan having the earmarks of a new breakthrough for the franchise super-hero category, there's no doubt that 20th Century Fox has a hot hand, and it sounds like they intend to build on that momentum.  In a pair of dueling 'exclusives' released moments apart, Collider has posted word that The Grey writer/director Joe Carnahan will script X-Force, while Comicbook.com chimes in by adding that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds will co-write the film.

There appears to be some disagreement on how exactly this is coming together, however.  Collider states flatly that "Carnahan is only writing the script for X-Force and is not currently attached to direct", while Comicbook.com says that Carnahan "has been tapped to direct".

No matter how that plays out, it's a promising bit of news on this particular franchise rumor mill, and with New Mutants, Deadpool 2, and X-Men: Supernova waiting in the wings, it would appear that 20th Century Fox is well on its way to building a potent rival to Marvel Studios with the Mutant wing of the Marvel Universe.



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