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Copshop Star Frank Grillo on Studio Changes, Director Joe Carnahan
Star Frank Grillo, who plays Teddy Murretto, a conman on the run from assassins and decides to hide in a small-town sheriff's office, provided perspective on why his friend and director Joe Carnahan, who he previously collaborated with on Boss Level (2021) and The Grey (2011), isn't exactly embracing the final cut of his film[...]
Copshop Stars Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder Talk Joe Carnahan Film
Not precisely heavy in twists and turns, the script written by Kurt McLeod, Mark Williams, and director Joe Carnahan allows the core cast to shine as a character-driven piece enhancing the charismatic performances of Grillo and Butler Louder more than holds her own with her male counterparts considering her previous standout performances in Watchmen, The[...]
Copshop Stars Gerard Butler and Alexis Louder Talk Joe Carnahan Film
I spoke with star Gerard Butler, who plays Bob Viddick, one of the assassins that infiltrate the police station to find himself in lockup at an adjacent cell to his target, and Alexis Louder, the rookie cop trying to make a stand against the ongoing threats. Gerard Butler stars as "Bob Viddick" in Joe Carnahan's COPSHOP,[...]
Copshop Trailer Debuts, New Grillo/Butler Film Hits Theaters Sept. 17
This is the latest in a flurry of collaborations between Grillo and Joe Carnahan, who is in the director's seat for this one, for the two's WarParty Films banner Grillo stars as a con-man trying to hide and outwit a hitman played by Butler, with the whole thing taking place inside a police station You[...]
Frank Grillo Talks Boss Level, Kingdom, & His Incredible Work Ethic
On top of appearing in the MCU as Crossbones, he started a production company with director Joe Carnahan called War Party films; he starred in one of the most underrated TV series of the last ten years in Kingdom and is one of the most active performers working today He has eight films releasing in 2021,[...]
Copshop: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo to Star in STX Action Thriller
Action movie staples Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo are taking their talents to Joe Carnahan's Copshop from Open Road Films and STX International The story follows a small-town police station that becomes the unlikely battleground between a professional hitman (Butler), a smart rookie cop, and a double-crossing con man (Grillo) who seeks refuge behind bars[...]
Frank Grillo
Now though, he seems to have moved on from the role, telling Uproxx in a new interview that he is "out-growing the Marvel Superhero thing." He is more focused on his action film company War Party Films he runs with Joe Carnahan instead of pining for The Punisher. Editorial credit: DFree / "That's not in my[...]
Rise of the Mutants: Joe Canahan To Write X-Force, Possibly With Ryan Reynolds
 In a pair of dueling 'exclusives' released moments apart, Collider has posted word that The Grey writer/director Joe Carnahan will script X-Force, while chimes in by adding that Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds will co-write the film. There appears to be some disagreement on how exactly this is coming together, however[...]
Writer Says 'Monstrously Cool' Uncharted Movie Script Is Now Done
Writer Joe Carnahan took to Instagram to show off the script, and he seems pretty jazzed for it He said: If there's a more monstrously cool action script in Hollywood right now, I wanna read it, 'cuz this thing is a BEAST. Hopefully this really is the one that cracks this production and sends it on its[...]
The Little Film That Couldn't – Scenes From Stretch
The guy who did Smoking Aces and The A-Team, Joe Carnahan, made a new movie The film is called Stretch and is the story of a debt-ridden chauffer (Patrick Wilson) who picks up a difficult and devious billionaire (Chris Pine) and as the night progresses their interaction leads to many dangerous encounters The movie also has Jessica Alba,[...]
Joe Carnahan In Talks To Write And Direct Warner Bros' Adaptation Of Undying Love
Joe Carnahan is keeping his future schedule busy, as the writer and director of The Grey is reportedly making a deal with Warner Bros to write and direct a film adaptation of Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman's Undying Love. The graphic novel was first run as a four-issue miniseries for Image Comics, and tells the story[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: "The Clock Ticked Down At Fox"
Joe Carnahan's most recent tweet on the matter seems even more definitive than his earlier comments were: it doesn't sound good for Daredevil at Fox  Perhaps Carnahan will get another shot at Daredevil or another character somewhere, some day His sizzle reel for DD looks like a good take. Guys To clarify DD pitch was tremendous[...]
Joe Carnahan's Sizzle Reels For The Fox Daredevil Movie That Isn't
Joe Carnahan really wanted to get more than 6,000 followers on Twitter, And he promised he'd post both versions of his Daredevil sizzle reels if he did, after the clock on the Fox deal ticked out. One hour later, he has 6,000 followers on Twitter In fact he now has 6,257 I've just made it 6,258[...]
The Wild Gets Rough In New Trailer For The Grey
There's plenty of new footage in this new trailer for Joe Carnahan's blokes-vs-nature film The Grey, but more importantly you get to hear Liam Neeson say the word "f**k" A lot As entertaining as that is, my favourite quote from this trailer has to be, "Oh my God, that guy's cut in half!" There's plenty[...]