Roman Reigns: Not A Bad Guy, Not A Good Guy, Just A Guy That Gets A Reaction

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns says that a mixed reaction is better than a single reaction.

Roman Reigns: Not A Bad Guy, Not A Good Guy, Just A Guy That Gets A Reaction

Roman Reigns is not a bad guy. He's not a good guy. He's definitely a guy who needs to be made to look strong. And one thing that makes Roman look strong is the loud reaction he gets, even if the way his character is written is meant to elicit cheers, and Roman generally elicits loud boos.

In an audio interview posted on YouTube by Pro Wrestling Shoots, an eager smark asked Roman if he'll ever make a heel turn. After hundreds of balloons dropped from the ceiling and the mayor of wrestling came out to award the interviewer with a plaque for being the "one millionth person to ask when Roman Reigns will be making a heel turn," Reigns answered.

You know, when you win, and you're whooping a lot of ass, you're not that angry. You know what I mean? I've been successful. Whatever we've been doing, it seems to be working. It seems to continue to have loud reactions.

Nobody's been to more wrestling show's than me and the other guys on the roster. We are at every show. I watch every show. I understand reactions. You can be as informed within the wrestling community and the internet as you want, but there's one thing that I know and that's listening to what kind of reactions are happening.Who's in the crowd. Are they kids? Are they women? Are they men? Are they men my age? Are they men older than me? Are they men younger than me? There's a lot of different things that are happening there.

One thing I like about my situation, I think if I were to commit to one 'I'm a bad guy now. I'm pissed and I'm just gonna try to take everybody–' Then it's just only one, like, 'boooo.' But when I'm out there, there's all kinds of noise. There's all kinds of chants. It's pandemonium.

According to Reigns, that's actually the kind of reaction he prefers. He doesn't want to just be cheered. Pfft.

I like a mixed reaction. I like people competing as far as who's reaction is gonna be louder, the boos or the cheers. I just want to bring out the most in our fans, and give them an opportunity to rage, or to just fulfill themselves with joy and get everything out of this that they're trying to. Like I said, they spend their hard earned money. I want them to have a phenomenal experience. I want them to take something home, and be like, man, we're bringing more people when we come back next time.

Watch the full video below.

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